Top 5 Tips To Remove Pet Hair From Your Furniture

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Clumps of pet hair are an inevitable burden in your house, especially during the shedding season of your furry friends. Pet hairs have a way to cling to your furniture, and getting rid of can be frustrating and troublesome. Even when you adore your pets, you don’t want to see a lot of their hair around your house.

Ensure that your home can have a cleaner space by tidying up your house regularly and getting rid of all the pet hairs. Although it might sound a bit difficult, using the adequate equipment and doing these tips listed below can lessen the problem, and you’ll find this task an easy thing to do.

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Prepare Your Vacuum

Vacuums can help get rid of pet hair from your furniture, so prepare your vacuum and start cleaning the surfaces with pet hair. Vacuum cleaners can gather all the pet hairs, and something with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter can get rid of not only pet hairs, but as well as accumulated dirt around the house.

Hover the vacuum on the areas of the furniture that has pet hair, but keep in mind to be careful vacuuming it, as some may be made from delicate materials and vacuuming it might ruin it. Also, ensure that your vacuum or the one you’ll buy is durable and capable of cleaning pet hairs. You can find out more about the best vacuum cleaner to remove the chunks of fur.

Take note that you should regularly clean your vacuum as pet hairs can clog it, and it will be hard to use it. Moreover, it’s best to empty it after using to ensure there is none left inside. One the other hand, if you find it hard to use the vacuum cleaner, especially in carpets, you can dust baking soda or spritz liquid fabric softener and use a mini brush or a broom brush to loosen the accumulated fur.


Lint Rollers As a Quick Fix

If you want to get rid of pet hairs on your clothes, upholstery, curtains, or pet beds, lint rollers are the ones you should use. Regardless of how much the fur sticks to the surface, a lint roller can easily remove it. Other than that, it’s cheap, and it comes in a large variety of sizes and shapes that you can choose from based on what you need.

However, if there are no lint rollers in the stores near you or if you find the sticky lint sheets expensive, you can opt for a DIY lint roller. Wrap a tape around an object you can use as a DIY lint roller, or you can use your hand. Then with the sticky side facing out, use it to pick up the pet hair. 


Utilize Rubber Gloves

The friction between rubber gloves and most surfaces of furniture creates static, and it can help remove pet hairs as these will attach to it.  Try to dampen your rubber gloves and go through surfaces with pet hair. It will gently lift clumps of pet hair on surfaces as it will stick to it. Rinse the gloves after when it already got a lot of per hair. 

If you feel fancy, you can buy rubber gloves with built-in scouring lads and scrubbers. You can easily use rubber gloves on corners, or anywhere your hand can reach. Imagine getting those stubborn pet hairs you’ve been dying to get rid of.

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Use Other Options

Using a squeegee, sponge, or mop is another way to remove pet hair from your furniture. You can use these to remove the chunk of pet hairs on the upholstery of any furniture. Especially if your pet sheds a lot of hair. You may want to consider these other options in case rubber gloves, vacuum, or lint rollers aren’t enough or not available to remove pet hairs. 


Start With Your Pet

Pets lose old or damaged hairs by naturally shedding. Though this is a normal occurrence, it still depends on the health and breed of your pet on how they will frequently shed hair.  It can also depend on the season. Some pets develop thick coating during winter and sheds when springs come. 

To reduce the amount of pet hair that can attach to the upholstery or surfaces of your furniture, try to brush your pet regularly. You can ask the groomer you frequently go to or your veterinarian for recommendations on which comb or brush you can use that will be best on your pet’s hair.


You don’t have to worry that much because there are various ways and tools you can use to get rid of the pet hairs that are stuck in your furniture. Try considering doing these tips mentioned above and choose the best means to minimize how much hair your pet sheds to achieve a pet hair-free home.


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