What May Be Covered by a Pet Insurance Policy

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Pet insurance policies can be compared to health insurance for your pets. However, pet insurance can cover a number of expenses that are unique to your pet, and they can complement other insurance policies you have. Let’s take a look at what may be covered by pet insurance. We’ll also cover what won’t generally be covered by pet insurance.

Emergency Medical Bills

Insurance for your pets like health insurance for people pays off when your pet is in an accident or becomes ill unexpectedly. You take your pet to a vet or emergency clinic for care. You will generally pay the bill and submit the claim to the insurer for reimbursement. The premium will depend on where you live, the animal’s age and its breed. Aggressive breeds will result in a higher premium due to the greater risk of getting into a fight.

If you get accident-only pet insurance, this is the only thing the policy will cover. Then your pet is covered for bites and broken bones but not much else.

Preexisting Conditions

You may be able to get coverage for preexisting conditions and their maintenance if you have pet insurance that covers more than the basics. The classic example is when the pet insurance subsidizes the insulin for your pet’s diabetes. Pet insurance generally won’t cover birth defects. You may have to wait a certain number of months before filing a claim for tendon problems or infection your pet suffered previously. On the other hand, prescription pet food is typically not covered.

Dental Care

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Pet insurance may or may not cover dental diseases. It typically won’t pay for pet care items like dog biscuits. A wellness or routine care plan will often cover teeth cleanings for pets.


Pet insurance will often pay for boarding if it is associated with your animal’s care. For example, pet insurance may pay for your dog to spend a week in quarantine after you return from aboard. Or it may pay for a few days in the kennel attached to the vet’s office as your dog or cat recovers from surgery.

Wellness / Routine Care

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There are pet insurance policies that cover wellness and routine care. This can include regular vet visits to keep your pet healthy and vaccinations. Grooming isn’t covered under pet insurance.

Doesn’t My Insurance Already Cover My Pet?

Odds are that the answer is no. Pet insurance can complement other types of insurance you have. For example, pet injury insurance will pay out several thousand dollars if your pet is injured in an accident. However, you want a full pet insurance policy because that auto insurance rider won’t cover the medical costs for a dog hit by someone else’s car. Travel insurance may pay for your pet to be evacuated if it is injured or may allow you to cancel your trip because your pet was injured. However, travel insurance won’t cover the vet bills. Your property insurance may pay for someone else’s pet to be healed if your dog attacks the animal just as it pays their medical bills. However, it will not pay for your dog’s vet bills or your own medical bills if the event is considered your fault.

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