Dating Company Launches a Chat Line System for Dog Lovers

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The close partnership between humans and dogs is almost instinctive and natural. A lot of dog lovers get overwhelmed with their relationship with their furry friends and it makes us believe that dogs are actually in tune with us humans. In fact, studies prove that dogs have the ability to read our emotions. They have an innate ability to sympathize with us in our lowest moments and to rejoice with us during our victories.

If you’re a dog lover, it’s but natural for you to seek for a better-half or a romantic counterpart who’s equally passionate with dogs. Walking your dogs together, building a close relationship, and sharing ideas on how to keep each other healthy and happy is a blissful thought.

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Surprisingly, a new study confirms that finding love is chemically evident after dogs and their owners gaze into each other’s eyes. And the special bond is apparent by measuring the dog owners’ and their dogs’ oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is the love or cuddle hormone. The study concluded that the dog owners that stared at their dogs’ eyes for a long time have higher levels of oxytocin, and the same applies to their dogs. Yes, it’s love.

Isn’t it amazing how human nature is closely in-tune with dogs? The love, care, and affection that we feel towards our dogs are comparable to our own feelings towards another person – like a romantic partner or a special friend.

Here’s the idea; there’s a phone system available nowadays that will enable you to meet a person that shares your love for dogs.

So how would you like to meet a new friend, date, or companion who understands your passion for dogs? Would it make you happy to see your dog wag its tail and get overly-excited with someone who has a dog, too? Let’s explore this amazing possibility for dog lovers, because it’s almost magical to imagine loving a person who loves our dogs in the same way we do.

Meet Fellow Dog Lovers through Phone Dating Lines

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You might have already heard about niche online dating wherein people with the same passion and interests can connect and find a compatible partner. There are niche dating sites for farmers, devout Catholics, fitness aficionados, and the list goes on. What we’re about to reveal is a phone chat line exclusive for dog lovers and dog owners that want to connect and talk directly to people on the same bandwagon.

Phone dating can be traced back to the 1990’s or long before the internet, social media, and dating apps have made their phenomenal debut. Back then, phone dating is plain and simple. You just dial the chat line number and instantly find someone you can chat with over the phone for a friendly conversation.

The modern times have made significant changes to this dating pattern. Phone dating continues to thrive and create innovations to connect people with the same inclination through live voice chats. Using the local phone hotlines, or commonly referred to as “the chat lines for singles”, it’s easier and more convenient for you to find a date within your area that understands your passion and interests.

For the most delightful and entertaining part, a new phone dating line for dog lovers is likewise available so you can find a new friend for you and your furry loved one. A live voice chat with a fellow dog lover will make it easier for you to assess if chemistry exists between you, which can make you decide whether to meet up in person or settle for a good chat.

Meet Dog Lovers in Your Area

Aside from finding a new friend or phone date that shares your love for pet dogs, you’re actually opening up the possibility for a real-life romance. In this case, not just for you but for your dog as well. Connecting with dog lovers that are single, ready to mingle, and located close to your neighborhood would be a happy addition to your social life. So what happens when you call the phone dating line for dog lovers? Here are some possibilities you can explore;

Find new friends that you can share information with about dogs

You might have some concerns, questions, or even stories about your dog that you want to discuss and share with someone who can relate with you. Calling the phone dating line for dog lovers will make it easier for you to find the right person who would listen and understand you, and perhaps give you some helpful advice on how to properly attend to the needs of your dog. You can discuss matters like; where to find a good vet, the best pet food, care and hygiene for dogs, travel provisions, and a myriad of other dog-related topics.

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Find a fellow dog lover you can meet for a friendly date – with your dogs!

Wouldn’t it be fun and exciting to have someone whom you can share pleasant walks with – and with dogs in tow? Imagine the thought of walking your dogs together as you share a good conversation. You don’t even have to worry about meeting a stranger because your furry friend is there to keep you company.

The dog lovers’ phone dating line aims to connect dog pet owners and enable them to establish new connections, acquaintances, and companionship based on their common interest.

Take your chance on love and new friendship

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The phone dating line for dog lovers is not just for straight singles. In fact, it’s for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your gender identity or sexual orientation is, because phone dating defies all boundaries, gender, and differences. As long as you’re open to new possibilities, you can reap its benefits. There’s a specific phone line for gays that are dog lovers; as well as for straights.

Gays, lesbians, and straight singles get equal opportunities to chat with their preferred phone date. And whether you’re looking for a random chat mate, casual acquaintance, friendship, or love, the phone dating lines can serve your needs well – with the added satisfaction of meeting someone who loves dogs in the same way that you do.

The Takeaway

Share your love for dogs with someone who has the same passion. It’s always a good idea to have a friend around whom you can share a nice chat while walking your dogs. And who knows? You might not be the only one who’s bound to find a new love and friendship in the process. Dogs get love-struck, too! Check out the way your furry sidekick wags its tail because attraction easily finds its way with dogs.

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