CBD Dog Treats For An Arthritis Diagnosis and Resultant Joint Pain

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As a pet parent, the goal is to maintain our dogs’ joint health as long as possible. It’s sometimes difficult to do depending on the breed and what they may be prone to, particularly with the commonality of dysplasia in the joints, which can cause early-onset arthritis.

In these cases, young dogs can be subjected to tough medications and over-the-counter NSAIDs to manage the inflammation and discomfort they experience. These to allow the opportunity to walk with some capability.

But these may not necessarily be the best alternatives for a dog with joint pain due to these conditions. Other natural, organic approaches can potentially provide them relief physically and give them emotional benefits with fewer side effects until these types of drugs are warranted.

Some alternatives include organic supplements like CBD products, indulging in healthful foods, maintaining adequate exercise with proper management of weight, and even trying aromatherapy techniques. All safe, clean, proven methods for humans and anecdotally successful for dogs as well. Go here for the fundamentals on using CBD to improve mobility for a canine.

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Why Stray From Traditional Medicine For Dogs Suffering With Joint Pain

Some dogs may reach a certain level of pain within their joints that there is no alternative to traditional medications in combination with the natural supplements and dietary changes. There are instances where these are unavoidable.

Osteoarthritis notes as being the primary cause of chronic pain among canines reaching one out of five dogs and that number increases over the age of seven. This is a degenerative disease that brings a reduction in quality of life with the loss of mobility. Signs of the condition include:

Noticeably slow when taking walks


Hesitant to climb stairs or jump

Visible pain after play or exercise

Signs of stiffness with attempts to lie down or get up

Recognizing these indications early is imperative so that a plan of care can be developed right away with the pup’s regular vet in an effort to slow down the progression. Studies have shown natural products like CBD are proven to help improve symptoms associated with the condition. If you receive a definitive arthritic diagnosis, you should take steps at home to make puppy more comfortable.

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  • Elevate the food/water bowls to decrease back/neck strains. Not doing so could cause your dog to avoid eating and drinking to prevent pain.


  • Initiate a vet-direct regimen for a healthy diet and gentle exercise routine to encourage weight management inclusive of foods known to reduce inflammation.


  • Allow your dog to continue with his walks but follow the vet’s direction as far as frequency and duration.


  • Hardwood floors are tough for dogs with no challenges, but arthritic dogs who are struggling need minimal stress placed on them with the addition of rugs or carpeting remnants.


  • Make sure there is a comfortable yet supportive place for puppy to lie down on the floor.



  • Your canine will still want up where he has always been able to go like the bed, in the car, on the couch. The best way to accommodate him for these things is to use a ramp to prevent any additional stresses on joints.


  • Provide as many assistive devices as necessary, and that are available for a dog that is having issues with walking, lying down, or getting up. These can include wheelchairs or carts etc.


  • Consider supplements and alternative treatment aside from what the vet may prescribe depending on the level of disease. There is a wide variety of CBD products on the market with a multitude of online companies, so you don’t have to leave puppy alone. An example can be found at https://pethempcompany.com/products/cbd-dog-treats-joint-mobility-care where there is a vast array of different forms of the substance including treats

CBD boasts properties consistent with reducing inflammation and decreasing chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis. It also has the potential to calm and relax a dog that may be stressed and anxious due to dealing with the symptoms.