5 Common Allergies in Dogs & What to Do About it

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Allergies are the main culprit of red, irritated, raw, itchy skin in dogs.  However, determining exactly what is causing your dog’s allergies can be difficult.  Here, five of the most common allergies in dogs will be discussed, as well as ways you can minimize your dog’s discomfort.

What are the Symptoms of Allergies in Dogs?

Allergies can manifest in a variety of ways, and no two dogs may show the same symptoms, despite suffering from the same allergy.  The most common allergy symptom is itchy skin, which is caused by a generalized histamine reaction.

Another common allergy symptom is chronic ear infections, specifically yeast infections.  While dogs naturally have yeast and bacteria in their ears, continual exposure to allergens causes inflammation and an imbalance of yeast/bacteria, leading to prime conditions for an infection.

Additional allergy symptoms include excessive paw licking, nausea, diarrhea, sneezing, watery eyes, facial irritation, hair loss, and hot spots.

Most Common Allergies in Dogs

Dogs, like humans, can develop allergies to anything found in their environment.  Five of the most common allergies in dogs include:

1. Food Allergies

Dogs with food allergies are most often allergic to proteins found in meat but can also have allergic reactions to ingredients such as corn, soy, dairy, and gluten.  Other common allergy triggers include preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.  Limited ingredient, hypoallergenic, and alternative protein diets (such as kangaroo meat) exist to help dogs with food allergies maintain a high quality of life.

2. Environmental Allergies

Dogs can suffer from the same environmental allergies as humans, such as grasses, pollen, trees, weeds, and mold.  For these dogs, allergies can be especially troublesome since it is significantly harder to avoid the outdoors.  Washing your dog’s paws every time he or she returns from outside can help mitigate allergy symptoms.

3. Fleas Allergy

For many dogs, the sensation of bugs crawling on their skin is not the worst part about a flea infestation.  Instead, the allergic reaction to flea saliva that causes flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) and incessant itching, scratching, and hot spots is what makes fleas unbearable for dogs.  FAD is among the most common – but also most preventable – allergies in dogs.

4. Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is an overlooked dog allergy.  In one study, researchers concluded that dogs who were regularly exposed to cigarette smoke were significantly more likely to develop atopic dermatitis and eye infections.  Even “thirdhand” smoke, the residue and particulates left behind by secondhand smoke, can cause allergy symptoms and health problems in pets.

5. Dust Mite Allergy

Dust mites, which are microscopic bugs that feed off of dead skin cells, are one of the top allergy and asthma triggers for both humans and dogs.  One intradermal allergy test study showed that dust mite allergies in dogs were more common than flea allergies. Unfortunately, dust mites cannot be eliminated from one’s home; however, washing bedding (including dog bedding) in hot water regularly can reduce the dust mite population.

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How WINPRO Allergy Can Alleviate Dog Allergies

Depending on your dog’s allergy trigger, it may be impossible to fully eliminate exposure and, therefore, eliminate allergy symptoms.  However, most allergic reactions are exacerbated by an overworked immune system combined with chronic inflammation.  When a dog’s immune system is functioning properly, allergens are promptly mitigated, leading to mild (if any) allergy symptoms.  On the other hand, if the immune system is constantly bombarded by additional inflammatory stressors or the dog suffers from leaky gut syndrome, more severe allergy symptoms and reactions are likely.

WINPRO Allergy can help alleviate dog allergies by quickly eliminating inflammation.  Animal blood proteins found in the K-Thrive Formula D blend go to work immediately to restore your dog’s natural immune function, helping it to overcome allergens more easily.  Additional active ingredients such as Bromelain, Nettle Extract, and Quercetin provide extra immune system support.  If your dog suffers from chronic itchy skin, ear/eye infections, nausea, or diarrhea, consider WINPRO Allergy since it is proven to fight allergies in dogs and can restore your pet’s quality of life.

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