Where Can I Print High-Quality Custom Pet Art

Custom pet art can come in many different styles and varieties, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. You can find large collage-style prints, beautiful hand-drawn replica images, customized photo albums, and more – all with the click of a button. So how do you choose the best high-quality art for your home?

What are you hoping to achieve?

With so many options and varieties of art, narrowing down your selection is the first step in securing high-quality products. If you want a more traditional piece of colored art for your wall, use a website like ILovePaws.com. You’ll be able to submit your favorite photo of your pet and customize the color options to match your personal preferences, making it ideal for matching the current color schemes and décor you have in your home.

Custom Pet Art cat

Pet photo print versus pet art

Knowing the difference between a photo and art can make a huge difference in the result of your pet project. A photo will be a high-resolution image that is a replica of your pet. Photographs can be black and white, colored, or filtered, depending on the style you’re looking to get. Pet art is a form of interpretation of a photograph. These can include cartoons, realistic drawings, abstract concepts, or similar designs. They will always look like your pet but will have some variations in colors, depending on the medium used.

With pet art, the level of detail is dependant on both the artist and the style of illustration used. For example, an abstract creation of your pet will be very limited in both color and line detailing, where a pencil rendering will have an almost identical structure to the photograph. If you’re looking for a custom created piece, always look at the artist’s previous works to get a feel for their skill, style, and design to make sure you like the results.

Photo album versus photo book

One of the joys of digital cameras and cell phone photography is the extensive collection of photographs we keep daily. For pet owners, this often means hundreds of pictures of our fur baby, ready to turn into an organized collection to browse and enjoy. A photo album is a canvas for displaying already printed photographs, traditionally in a 4×6 size. Most albums have space for the date or important milestones underneath the photos, making it a wonderful choice for pet parents holding lots of physical photos.

A photobook is a customized option for owners. Most photo books are available in hard or softcover, with templates of unique page layouts for your photographs. The online software can help you create personalized books from start to finish, giving you a professional quality product in minutes.

Custom Pet Art cartoon

Do-It-Yourself Options

Sometimes taking a personal approach to pet art can provide beautiful results – especially when we’re creating something we’re passionate about. If you’re hoping to create your design and have it printed, consider using a professional printer for the best result. Although department stores offer deeply discounted printing charges compared to a professional studio, there’s a certain level of reduced quality that comes with mass production. Always try to get the highest quality print for your project, especially if you’d like it to last a long period of time without fading or discoloring.

Displaying Your Custom Pet Art

Once you’ve created your beautiful piece of pet art, you’ll need somewhere to put it on display (or at least, somewhere to store it if it’s sentimental). Consider using the piece at your front entrance, where you store your pet’s leash, and collar for walks – the bright colors and beautiful piece will bring a smile to your face every time you come home, even on rainy days.

Your pet art isn’t just limited to the front hall, either. If you’ve got multiple pets, consider purchasing a piece of art for each one. Use the backgrounds of the photos to create a complementary pattern or scheme to highlight all pieces together (or opt to keep all pieces the same background). Then, plan the layout in a living room or family room as a fun accessory with bright pops of color. Remember, having art in your home doesn’t have to be boring or impersonal. There are no rules for art. It’s meant to be something that you love and enjoy looking at, so have fun with it.

Would you get a custom pet art piece for your furry friend?


Photo by form PxHere and Pixabay