Things To Consider When Buying A Dog Leash

Buying a dog leash may seem like a no-brainer purchase. However, buying the right leash for you and your dog will go a long way. Sometimes, leashes can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your dog and made from poor quality. The leash you buy should fit your lifestyle, as well as the character of your dog to keep you both safe and for it to last a long time.

There are many considerations to be made the next time you buy a leash and most of them are not thought of until after you make a purchase. Let’s have your next leash purchase be your last for a long while. Here are a few things to consider:

1. What Material It’s Made From

The material of the leash can play a huge role in its maintenance and durability. If you have a dog that tends to take you through some dirty areas, it might be a good idea to get a leash that’s easily washable. In this case, a nylon leash might be best as they are affordable and easy to clean. However, if your dog is a leash chewer, leather is much more durable and might be the way to go. The downside of leather would be the cleaning process is a bit more difficult. Some leashes are even odour-free, which can keep that dog smell out of your home wherever you store the leash.

The most popular leash materials are nylon, leather, rope, and hemp. They all have pros and cons that will align with your dog’s personality. The next time you buy a leash think about which would suit you and your dog best.

dog leash choices

2. Is It Retractable Or Set Length?

The next consideration is whether or not the leash can be adjusted or not. The best retractable dog leash will give your pet the freedom to roam. Set length leashes are not adjustable and often have much thicker cords. These also discourage your dog from pulling at you since there’s no give. If your dog loves to pull or chase, set length leashes are a better choice to keep them closer to you with less hassle.

The type of leash largely depends on how your dog responds on a walk. If they’re on the calmer side, a retractable leash will give them extra room to explore during a walk. However, if the dog is easily excited, a set length leash will keep them under more control and keep you safe.

3. Hands-Free Standard Or Split Lead Leash

Depending on your dog’s situation or activity, the leash type can also be specified even further. If you’re actively doing something while walking your dog, a clip-on hands-free leash will allow you to keep your dog close while freeing up your hands. The standard leash allows you the most control over your dog, so it’s ideal for crowded areas to keep your pet out of harm’s way. If you’re a dog walker or have multiple dogs, a split lead leash will give you the best control and capacity. At the end of the leash near the collar clip, it splits out to allow another dog to be clipped on. This is best because you won’t have multiple leashes getting tangled whenever the dogs change direction.

The types of leash are dependent on your most common activities or number of dogs you have. These can make everyday life much easier by picking the right leash for your dog. As time passes there will surely be more innovative ways to walk your dogs. However, quality should never be sacrificed or you will end up replacing your leashes more often than you need to.


There are many things to consider the next time you buy a leash. Ultimately this depends largely on the size and temperament of your dog. Sometimes, the descriptions on the leash may include the weight capacity but don’t consider the behaviour of the dog. Also, as your dog ages, the best leash for them may change as well. The materials are ever-changing as well, and are becoming more durable and made from antibacterial fibres. However, remember not to sacrifice quality for an innovative new product.

Overall, leashes can be a very in-depth purchase. We have gone over why you may choose certain leashes over others. The leash market has great products and tips to keep you and your pet safe during your daily walks. Don’t forget that the leash that’s right for your pet may change with time.