How to Be a Great Pet Parent

Parenting a pet is not as simple as many may think; it involves both love and commitment.  Ever wonder what makes a great pet parent? Here’s the answer.

As we see around, we find many people who wish to keep an animal in their home as a pet, and there are dozens of different reasons why they would want them: companionship, security, a reason to stay active, or because the kids would love a family pet. No matter what the reason is, before adopting a pet, you must know it’s not an impulsive decision to take.

Adopting a pet is no different than adopting a child. So prepare yourself for parenthood first before getting one home. The best idea would be to spend time in the adoption or rescue centers cuddling with the animals you wish to adopt. Do it till you develop a connection; find out the pet you would want to pet for the rest of its life. Because this is not only about providing a shelter, it’s about making a family.

Regardless of whichever animal you are adopting, cat or dog or any other creature, be that a newborn or an adult or old, that’s your baby and will need your love and support all the way. Being a pet parent, you need to know how to take care of them and control them without upsetting them or letting them feel unwanted.

Therefore, as a responsible, loving pet parent, make sure you are maintaining the following things:

Keep Them Fit Both Physically and Mentally

pet parent with dog runningpetPlay with your pet, exercise with them; these are great ways to keep your pet moving and active while preventing weight gain or disease. Besides, exercise is also relaxing for both your bodies and minds. Nonetheless, these are the times you develop a stronger bond and fun memories to treasure forever.

An adult dog should go out at least three times a day. So, if your pet is a dog, talk it for a walk regularly. If it’s a cat, don’t always keep it indoors as well. Train them at a young age to enjoy the supervised outdoor time.

However, don’t forget a cat flea collar for your kitty.  Besides marking your cat as a pet, this collar will lessen the risk of developing anemia by providing defense against flea infestation.

Get them Good Food

Take care of their food, both the quality and quantity. Make sure they are eating sufficiently but not overeating. However, while choosing the food, you must consider their breed. Food options are different for different animals. You will find food specialized for your pet, their breed, and age at the pet stores. Ask your pet parent friends for help; they may advise a good brand.

Also, conduct some research and consult a vet to determine which food you should buy to keep them happy and healthy. Like us, they love treats too. So why not try cooking some tasty snacks for your pet’s delight?

Remember to pay attention to the ingredients that go into your pet food – the more whole foods, organic and chemical-free, the better.

Keep Them Well Groomed

dog grooming kit

Even if your pet doesn’t have an Instagram account to pose for, it needs regular grooming to maintain health and hygiene.  Its grooming session generally includes brushing teeth, clipping nails, bathing, and body brushing.

Your pet enjoys it when you brush its coat; this is the kind of attention and intimacy they crave; at the same time, it also helps reduce hair loss in them. Clip their nails to help them walk comfortably, and brush their teeth to diminish bad breath. Here the purposes are no different than ours.

Giving baths is equally crucial for their comfort and also helps prevent itching in their body. It is good for you and your household too, since, otherwise, it would stink, making your place stink as well.

Unless your kitty has a matted coat, it doesn’t need a haircut. However, if you need to trim its fur, make sure to take it to an expert to keep it as safe as possible. For dogs, too, only the furry ones need the hair grooming session. Besides letting them look good and feel fresh, it also keeps their eyesight clean and legs light to ensure comfortable walking.

Visit the Vet for Routine Checkups

Find a good vet and get your pet checked regularly to ensure it is doing perfectly alright and is fit enough.  Pets may suffer illnesses, including food allergy, urinary tract infection, etc., which can become severe if not treated early; this can make the treatment expensive. So, through regular checkups, you can expect to have early detection of those diseases to start the treatment right on time.

Homeopathy doses have also shown good results as a remedy for your pet’s health and wellbeing issues. Observe what works on your pet better and treat it thereby.

pet parent kissing dog

Maintain a Proper Routine

Following a routine will save time and energy for both you and your pet while maintaining harmony and balancing the relationship between you two. You must train your pet accordingly, matching up with your timetable, so you can take care of it comfortably and also squeeze free time for yourself.

It will also help if you need to leave your pet in someone’s custody for a few days when you are away. The new person will know exactly what to do and when to do following the routine.

Enjoy Holidays Together

dogs at Christmas and cat

It’s better not to leave your pet alone; they are emotional beings and will miss you badly and may fall into depression if you don’t show up for a long time. However, traveling with a pet is not a big deal these days, and you’ll have available articles on them to help you with tips and information on pet-friendly hotels and transports.

So if possible, take your furbaby with you. Planning your holidays with your pet is also a great way to show your love; thus, enjoy your time to the fullest!

Finally, Don’t Abandon Them.

In the journey of becoming a pet parent, not every case will be the same; sometimes you just look at it and know that this is the one, sometimes you just happen to be together, sometimes you choose it, sometimes it chooses you, but in every case, they will love you unconditionally and will only ask for your love. So, bring them into your life only when you can love fully and can’t think of leaving them ever, alone.


Photo by Mathew Coulton from Pexels