Joint and Hip Supplements to Ensure Added Nutrition for Dogs

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Just like humans, dogs are also prone to swelling and redness in the joint areas. Many of them develop serious conditions such as hypertrophic osteodystrophy, hip dysplasia, ostechondritis dissecans and panosteitis that lead to pain in the joints. The more active and playful ones often incur injuries during their initial years. Eventually, even minor injuries, that are usually ignored, take the form of joint pain as the dogs grow older. In many cases, the problem is hereditary. Whatever be the cause, the chances of developing this painful condition can be lowered substantially by administering hip & joint supplements for dogs. In this article, we shall learn as to how these supplements can help your adorable pets.

Joint Supplements Provide Necessary Nutrition

Most dog foods are rich in minerals, vitamins and various other nutrients and thus help in the growth and development of the dogs. Many dog owners also give eggs, chicken and meat in addition to the usual dog food to ensure their pet’s health. However, neither the dog food nor the meat and eggs contain adequate amount of chondroitin, glucosamine, omega-3 fatty acids and methylsulfonyl methane that is needed to maintain joint health. And this is where the role of supplements comes in. Hip and joint supplements for dogs are especially prepared considering the nutritional requirement to strengthen cartilage and bar the possibility of joint inflammation. Thus, they provide the necessary nutrition to keep the joint health intact.

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Speed Up the Recovery Process

In most cases, old age causes joints to ache. Joint supplements, when given from an early age, reduce the chances of incurring this problem as your pet ages. Nevertheless, if you did not start supplements when your pet was still young and he has already developed this condition you can still feed these to them. Proper treatment and medication is essential to soothe this problem, however giving supplements in addition to the same helps in speeding up the recovery process. Among the various ingredients included in these supplements is turmeric that is known for its healing properties. Glucosamine that forms an essential part of the joint supplements is known to repair damaged cartilage thereby offering relief.

Bar the Problem from Aggravating

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Giving supplements when the problem is still in its initial stage stops it from aggravating. These should thus be started along with the required medicine. It is best to consult the vet to learn about the dosage. They usually come in the form of chewy balls and are available in different flavours that are loved by dogs. So, you wouldn’t have a hard time feeding them.


We hope this makes it clear as to why you should totally consider giving hip and joint supplements to your little furry friends. However, be very careful when you choose these from the wide variety available in the market as not all of them are as effective. Those available from a reputed brand should be a good choice.

  1. Glucosamine and Chondoitin with added hyaloronic really saved my dog.

    We had an accident after a play and we get a litle break at foot.

    Some of stuff are great for the rehabiliation!