3 Signs Your Dog Needs A Fence

dog fence cover

Unlike people, dogs don’t care about privacy and seclusion as they’re more focused on enjoying their daily routines and playtime. Aside from that, these furry creatures love exploring the neighbourhood and getting plenty of exercise, so a privacy fence doesn’t sound that attractive to them. However, as much as you want to give them the chance to play under the sun and revel in their liberty all day long, the outdoors isn’t as safe and secured as your home is.

Installing a privacy fence for your pet can offer numerous benefits not just for you but also for your canine buddy. In particular, if you’re having a hard time controlling your pets due to their hyperactivity or restlessness, then setting up a dog fence for them may be the best option. Doing so will allow you to ensure their safety at all times, especially when you can’t be there to watch or play with them.

dog under fence

If you’re still on the fence about the whole thing, here are the top three signs you should have a dog fence installed:

  1. The Area Around Your House Is Unsafe

Even the strongest animals need protection and security. While most people think that their canine pets are invulnerable to predatory attacks by other wild animals, it’s been established that domesticated dogs can be easy targets for mountain lions, coyotes, bears, and wolves. No matter how strong and healthy your dogs may be, there are various threats around them that you must take note of. 

Because of that, one of the major factors that can bring harm to your pets is the location of your house. If it’s near a wildlife area, then keeping your dog in an enclosed fence might be the safest option for them. 

However, wild animals aren’t the only ones you should be wary of. Unfortunately, people are just as dangerous as any other creature out there since they may not only harm but also steal your dog. A huge market exists for the most expensive dog breeds, so if your pet happens to fall under that category, you have to take all the necessary measures to protect them.

Other than that, people also steal domesticated dogs for dogfighting purposes or simply to get rid of what they perceive as a nuisance. That’s why one of the kindest things you can do for your four-legged friend is to have a dog-friendly yard complete with a fence, where they can safely relax, have fun, and get some fresh air.

  1. Your Dog Is Unfriendly Toward Strangers

No matter how much you love your canine buddy, they may become a liability if they manage to get out of the house without your supervision. This is especially true for pets with any sort of behavioural issue. Without a fence or barrier to hold them back, the chance of your dog biting, scratching, or harming other people in your neighbourhood is high. When that happens, you’ll be held responsible for paying the victim’s medical bills and dealing with claims of property damage if your dog destroys something.

The damages from a dog bite can be pretty hefty. For instance, a dog owner had to pay a settlement of USD$160,000 after his two pit bulls managed to get into someone’s truck while that person was making a delivery. If your dog is in the safety of a fenced area, these situations and accidents are less likely to happen.

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  1. Your Dog Shows Signs Of Weakness and Lethargy

Many dog owners think that chaining up and locking their dogs in an enclosed space inside their house is the better option for them and their pets. However, studies show that confinement can impact a dog’s overall health. Like humans, dogs need to move freely outside where they can get vitamin D from sunlight, which promotes muscle strength. By locking them inside your home, you’re depriving your dog of the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and playtime with other domesticated animals.    

Aside from that, keeping your dog inside your house might weaken their body and may lead to congenital heart diseases, neuromuscular diseases, and lung diseases. Some of the negative effects of locking your dog inside the house include the following:

To prevent such scenarios, the best thing you can do for your furry buddy is to set up a fence outside your house so they can stay active and healthy. 


Dogs aren’t just companions for humans—they can also be a part of your family and a guide. Hence, they’re worthy of all of the protection and security you can give them. 

If you’re wondering how to keep them out of harm’s way without completely taking away their freedom, consider installing a fence for them. Doing so can offer a number of benefits such as providing round-the-clock safety, preventing accidents, and allowing your dog to enjoy the outdoors in the best possible way. A dog fence will also put you at ease knowing that you don’t always have to keep an eye on your furry best friend.