How To Care For An American Staffordshire Terrier Puppy

Staffordshire Terrier cover

The American Staffordshire terrier, also commonly referred to as AmStaff, is a bull-type terrier that’s usually 17 to 19 inches in height at the shoulder. They’re muscular and stocky, with a broad head, and well-defined jaws. AmStaffs are known for their confident, smart, and brave nature. They also move with gracefulness and agility. When bred and cared for responsibly, this breed can be a trustworthy and loyal friend that you can count on until the end.

It’s no wonder pet lovers are in love with American Staffordshire terriers. If you’re one future AmStaffer (what they’d usually call an owner of an AmStaff), you first need to familiarize yourself with how to care for this dog breed. After all, dogs aren’t created equal and each breed requires specific care and tending.

Feeding Your AmStaff

Your American Staffordshire terrier should be fed at least two small meals throughout the day. This will ensure that your puppy won’t get bloated, which happens when a dog accumulates air in its stomach because of hurried eating. You don’t want their stomach to become obstructed as that can quickly turn fatal. 

Since AmStaffs are a big breed with a high energy level, you have to make sure they eat equally high-quality food to keep up with their active and energetic movements. They need protein as their main source of energy, which they can get from meat and vegetables. 

As your puppy develops and grows, they need proper nutrition but make sure not to overfeed them or they might gain weight at a young age. Being overweight can be risky for puppies as that may invite several health issues, such as hypertension or heart disease. Feeding them should be according to their size, age, and level of activity.

Puppy American Puppy American Staffordshire Terrier

Sleeping And Resting Situations

Your AmStaff puppy needs a quiet and comfortable spot so they can rest and/or sleep when they need to. They like it better when they’re sitting or sleeping off the ground or floor, so it might be a good idea to buy them a bed. You can search online for quality dog beds for your little buddy. If you’re handy, you may also make one for them out of a wood box. To make the bed more comfortable for your American Staffordshire terrier, you can cushion it using a small pillow or clean comforter.

You can place their bed in an area that’s not often crowded or loud. Additionally, remember to frequently wash their beddings to prevent their bed from smelling. During the summer season, make sure they have enough cool water to drink. 

If you ever need to go out of town or leave without them, find a pet sitter who can take care of your dog while you’re gone.


Grooming guidelines for an AmStaff puppy are generally similar to what you’ll usually do for other dog breeds. Frequent coat brushing will help reduce shedding while also keeping their fur clean and neat-looking. 

Here are some grooming tips for your AmStaff: 

  • Softly clean and buff their coat using a damp towel to make them shinier
  • Brush their teeth once a week 
  • Bathe when necessary, such as when they start having a ‘doggy’ smell
  • Check for fleas and ticks daily during warm weather
  • Trim their nails regularly

When it comes to grooming, AmStaffs are generally low maintenance. You can even bathe them only a few times a year, which is a good thing if you’re often busy and can’t find time to do so. You can also have the option to have them groomed by a professional dog groomer

More Care Tips

As with other puppies and dogs, you should bring your AmStaff to a veterinarian for vaccinations against diseases, like parvo. It’s also recommended to give them regular checkups so you and their vet can monitor their development while also being able to watch out for early signs of conditions, such as deafness, cataracts, and arthritis. 

For days or hours when you’re not around to give your puppy company, leave them an interactive toy and treats that can keep them entertained, such as chew toys and balls that hold treats inside. Also, take note that the AmStaff Terrier breed needs to have physical activity so they can remain healthy and energetic. Hence, playing with them outside will make a big difference, as well as walking them down the street every day.


American Staffordshire terriers are relatively easy to care for. With puppies, though, there are some considerations that you need to take to ensure that they grow and develop healthily, such as their watching food intake, scheduling vaccinations, and monitoring their amount of physical activity. Knowing these guidelines can help you care for your newest pack member until the time they’re fully grown.