How Dog Wheelchairs Can Improve The Life Of Aging And Handicapped Pets

dog wheelchair cover

A lot of owners started caring for their canines when their pets were just pups. For years, they see their dogs grow and develop personalities. Thus, it’s heart-wrenching for dog lovers to see their pets become handicapped or begin the journey into their twilight dog years riddled with age-related illnesses. But this is an inevitable course of a dog’s life, and pet owners should prepare for it and make the best out of the remaining years their beloved senior or handicapped dogs have.

If you find yourself caring for a disabled or aging dog, you may consider providing your pet with a wheelchair if the vet recommends its use. Your beloved pooch might struggle at first. It may take time for your dog to adjust. 

It’s a good thing that dog wheelchairs are available in many sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. This way, you’ll surely be able to find a device that is appropriate regardless of the size, type, and weight of your pet. 

To help you decide on whether to provide a wheelchair for your dog, here are some of the ways this equipment could improve the life of your aging and handicapped pet:

  • Enable Mobility

One of the things that handicap, injury, or aging can rob away from your dog is mobility. When you start to notice that your beloved pet is limping, inactive, or sometimes showing mood changes, they may be in pain and frustrated that they cannot do even the simplest things like walking to the door to welcome you when you get back from work. A well-fitted wheelchair is one thing that will help enrich the life of your handicapped dog. This mobility aid will give them the ability to at least move from one place to another easily.

  • Provide Support

If only your handicapped or aging pet could talk, they would probably tell you that pain and discomfort are two things that dictate the course of their lives. So, as a good dog owner, pet care awareness is one of your responsibilities.

If you’re seeing subtle signs of ache and discomfort in your senior or handicapped dogs, you should consider buying them wheelchairs. This device could surely improve mobility and also offer ample support to minimize pain and discomfort. Since dogs cannot use canes like people, a wheelchair would be a great help to ease soreness and throbbing aches caused by hip dysplasia, weakened bones, and other age or injury-related conditions.

  • Boost A Dog’s Physical and Emotional Health

Dogs, like people, could also experience depression and sadness when their quality of life is affected by immobility due to injury, paralysis, or old age. If only your pet could talk, they would probably air their frustration that they can no longer walk in the park with you, fetch the stick or ball for you, or play and run around freely because of their condition.

With the help of a wheelchair, your dog would be able to run, walk and exercise. These activities are essential for their overall physical health and posture. Most importantly, giving dogs the gift of mobility through a wheelchair can also improve their mood and may even reduce their frustration from their waning agility and strength because of old age, paralysis, injury, or disability.

dog wheelchair running

  • Enhance Your Pet’s Confidence

Put yourself in your pet’s shoes. If you lose your ability to walk or move around, you will probably feel depressed, and your confidence will be affected. You probably wouldn’t want to mingle with friends or go out because of the awkward way you walk or move.

Even if dogs couldn’t talk, you’ll notice subtle signs of your beloved pooch’s dampened desire to play and interact like before. You could boost their confidence by giving them back independence to walk and move as they please. Paralyzed, aging or injured dogs can achieve greater mobility through the use of wheelchairs.

  • Prevent Further Injury

Another main reason you should consider buying a dog wheelchair for your beloved pet is to help reduce and even prevent further injuries. Dogs that limp or can’t use all their legs properly are prone to slipping, skidding, and falling. And the more they fall or slip, the more they exacerbate their injury or condition.

With the help of a dog wheelchair, you can help your dog maintain proper balance when moving, running, and walking. If your beloved canine friend suffers from degenerative conditions, such as arthritis, muscle atrophy, hip dysplasia, a mobility aid might help slow the progression of their disease.

The Bottom Line

It’s genuinely heartbreaking for dog lovers to see their pets suffering from immobility due to accidents or age-related conditions. However, age or handicap should not prevent your canine friend from enjoying the rest of their life. Through the help of a comfortable and properly fitted wheelchair, you can gift your dog with the semblance of a normal life.