4 Special Ways To Remember Your Pet

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Taking care of an animal provides a person many opportunities to exercise, go outside, and meet new people. Regularly walking and playing with pets helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which keeps a person healthy.

However, the loss of a pet is painful for owners because they have lost a loyal companion and a devoted friend that brought them joy. More so, this event can become devastating and traumatic for some individuals. In turn, they might not be able to proceed with their career endeavours and nurture their relationships.

Regardless of the reason for death, pet owners have to learn effective ways to remember their pets. So, this article will provide you with four tips on commemorating your pet after they’ve passed away.

  • Pet Cremation

Many families view their pets as members of their teams. This scenario occurs once an animal has been with them for a significant period of time. With that, you might consider dog cremation as an option to show respect to the remains of your pet.

A cremation service provider will place the ashes of your pet inside a vessel of your choice. Then, they’ll provide you with a loving keepsake that will help you and your family remember your pet. More so, they can arrange a suitable time to return your pet to your home, which gives them the heartfelt farewell they deserve.

You may also consider other cremation options when it comes to the disposal of remains. You can scatter the ashes in your pet’s most favourite location or in a pet cemetery. Alternatively, you can use the cremains to create accessories as you pay tribute to your pet.

Another way to commemorate your pet using their ashes is by turning them into diamonds. You can ask your cremation provider if they can provide this service. Ideally, they’ll offer a wide selection of sizes, cuts, and colours so you can customize this product.

If you like tattoos, you might want to consider getting an image of your pet tattooed on your skin. You can ask a tattoo artist to mix the ashes of your pet into the ink. Doing so will make the tattoo even more special.

  • Create A Photo Pendant Necklace

Another special way to honor the life of your beloved pet is by printing an image of your pet. You can attach it to a pendant and engrave the name of your pet alongside the jewelry. Doing so enables you to remember your pet wherever you go.

You can follow these four steps to attach the image of your pet on a pendant:

  • Scan the image into the computer. Then, size it to 1½” x 1” and print it out on paper. After this step, you should cut the picture and name of your pet and glue the materials together using a glue stick.
  • Cut a slide in half using a cutter and clean the pieces with a glass cleaner. Next, you should sandwich the photo between the two pieces of glass. Then, clamp the piece and put flux on the top edge.
  • Create two mini wire hearts using the silver jewelry wire. Do this step while shaping the wire around pliers. Then, solder a heart to the lower left corner of every side of the pendant. 
  • Attach the chain to the wire string. Using two beads, do this step next to every jump ring on the pendant. Finally, close it with the pliers and add a lobster clasp.
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  • Plant A Flower In Your Garden

Another way to commemorate your pet is by planting a flower in your garden. Doing so symbolizes the life of your pet, which will provide you with a daily reminder of the memories they shared with you.

Having flowers around your garden significantly improves the moods of your family members and visitors. In addition, these ornamental plants can boost the levels of positive energy around the house. 

In turn, everyone will feel secure and relaxed. That said, you can plant a seed on top of their remains or cremains in a special location.

  • Dedicate A Funeral

One of the most powerful ways to deal with the loss of a pet is by dedicating a gathering to pay tribute to the presence of your companion. You can have a mini ceremony in the garden with your immediate family. Alternatively, you may hold a bigger event to enable everyone who knows your pet to bid farewell to your pet.

There’s no specific guideline you must follow, so you should plan a pet funeral that suits your budget. You can enlist the assistance of a pet funeral service. In most cases, you can have a do-it-yourself (DIY) pet funeral to save money.

Key Takeaway

Losing a beloved pet is challenging. However, you may consider these four tips that will help you pay tribute to your pet. In turn, you’ll receive regular reminders of the good times you’ve had with them, even if they won’t be around anymore.