Tester, and it’s all about me…

I’m Maggie an ten-yearBeagle who loves all things dog! I’ve been traveling with my peep since I was just a wee pup and have been really lucky to travel to many wagging places around the world.

I love to travel, eat, play and write about my experiences and I started Wag The Dog UK in February 2012 to share with dog lovers some great stories, tips, and a few recipes too. Thanks for visiting and learning a little about us!


  • I’ve traveled by TrainPlaneAutomobile, Boat, Ferry, Bus, Taxi, and Limo in many different countries. My favorite is by limo, of course, very wag cool.
  • I’ve lived and traveled on three continents. North AmericaEurope and Asia
  • I love homemade dog food and treats. I also fancy a quality dry kibble mixed with a tasty recipe.
  • I’m a people person and a kissing bandit! I also love dogs too!
  • My mum’s name is Justin’s Angel…awwww. Dad’s name is Hollow Traveln’ Trooper and I heard he was quite the charmer.
  • I moved to the big apple, New York City when I was 10 weeks old and met my peep, Trina
  • I sleep under the covers and enjoy wagging dances in the grass.
  • My motto…It’s a dog wagging view of the world
wag the dog uk


‘2012    The BLOG
Wag The Dog UK is what happens when a mad crazy dog person turns an obsession into a profession. Working side by side with her dog Maggie makes the best office space ever. Even when we’re hard at work creating posts about dogs, it’s hard to stay serious when your co partner starts licking your feet under the desk.
‘2016    TREAT SHOP
At Wag the Dog UK, we know that dogs aren’t pets; they’re family! Crazy dog people, believe that their dogs deserve the best, naturally. The best treats, healthy treats, natural treats. It’s exactly what dogs crave.
‘2018    Social Marketing

Need more exposure? Build your social marketing? Sniffing for fast answers on your social media?

That’s what we do here at Wag The Dog UK: Sponsored posts, marketing management, advertising. Just for pet entrepreneurs like you wanting to put a howl in your brand


Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Trina is an entrepreneur who has a business degree from the University of Washington. She’s also a former New York City real estate agent, and now an international consultant for select clients looking to buy in New York City.

She also spent over 15 years as a make-up artist internationally in fashion. Her cat Max also traveled with her when she was on fashion shoots around the world. She started and sold a bath and body company, and has had great success in many other business ventures

Although she has had many ventures in a variety of businesses, she’s always had a deep love for animals and a knack for working with dogs. As a child, she learned to train, care, and travel with animals, and as an adult, she studied dog nutrition and dog training extensively. Trina shares her love of animals with her mother and aunt, who is a dog breeder. After a lot of research, she decided to create our own company focusing on her passion for dogs, the adventures of Maggie and source out the best dog care, advice, news, and dog-friendly travel possible!