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Our bond sealed with a kiss

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When I think of my pets, current and past, I smile over the places I have uniquely kissed each of them. I still feel against my lips the fur of those that have left this life. I can still see and feel their responses to my loving

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The Little Tart Centerpiece in My Kitchen

little tart centerpiece in my kitchen cover

Visitors to my kitchen are greeted by a small litter box close to the stove, snug against a cupboard and partially seated on an area rug. The low-sided $18 litter box was confiscated by my cat, Forest the moment I unpacked it from a cardboard shipping box.

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How to Be a Great Pet Parent

Parenting a pet is not as simple as many may think; it involves both love and commitment.  Ever wonder what makes a great pet parent? Here’s the answer. As we see around, we find many people who wish to keep an animal in their home as a

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Running with a Dog: Things Every Beginner Should Know

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If there’s one similarity between exercise and pet ownership, it’s that they can lead to people living a longer, healthier life. A lot of publications highlight the benefits of regular exercise and pet ownership. Brisk walking for a total of 75 minutes per week, if done consistently,

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9 out of 10 Cats Prefer Less Bullshit

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Ricky Gervais is known for his comedy and his brutal honesty, so when he spontaneously recommended Little Hearts, a cat treat product made by Vet’s Kitchen, the brand were thrilled. Although Ricky’s colourful attempts to create a new tagline may split opinion, the pet food brand agreed

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How Big Do Mini Australian Shepherds Get

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The kids have been nagging and driving you crazy. “Mommmmm, Pleeeeeze can we get a dog? Pleeeeeze?” As any parent knows, nagging works, so you have been researching different options and breeds, and you have decided on a Mini Australian Shepherd. But you only have a small

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How To Enrich Your Handicapped Dog’s Life

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Adopting a dog with disabilities is never an easy choice. The first step all the dog owners do in such a case is to go to their veterinarian. And they are right. Together you can develop an ongoing treatment plan, choose the correct veterinary care or medications

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