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Stepping Up In The World: Wordless Wednesday

wordless wednesday at wag the dog uk

Wordless Wednesday is a BlogPaws Blog Hop wherein any blogger is welcome to join us and share their post, thereby allowing other bloggers to network and connect with them and vice versa. A little wordless Wednesday and stepping up in the world… For me it’s nothing better

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Kids Around Dogs: Safety Tips

dog and child

 Kids Around Dogs: Safety Tips  Dogs are great pets that will give you a lot of love if treated well. They’re great to play with, to accompany you on daily walks and they just look cute (especially as puppies). Research has even shown that dog owners are often happier

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5 UK Charities Helping Dogs In Distress

uk dog charities

Most people understand that dogs are for life – not just for Christmas. But do you know where the slogan comes from? It’s actually the tag line belonging to the Dogs Trust, one of many London charities dedicated to animal welfare. Up and down the UK, organisations

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A dose of the little jokers

my joker pets

It had snowed and iced the evening Trucker and I stood in a little park area across the street from my home. He trotted up the dead-end street and I called him to return. In a happy frolic he gained momentum running towards me, aiming towards a

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