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Wordless Wednesday – Dog Toy Tester

Dog toy chew badit

Dog Toy Tester As a dog, I think it’s always important to find the squeaky! So when we received a package of plush toys for our gift boxes, I thought it would be important to make sure all of them had a squeaky. I decided to test

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Top Tips for Choosing a Puppy

tips for choosing a puppy

Deciding to buy a puppy is an enormous decision. There are many questions to take into consideration – from how to finance food and vet’s bills, to who will take them for walks. However, if you’ve decided that you’re ready to take that step, how do you

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How To Make Getting A Dog Easier.

getting a dog

There are a lot of compelling reasons to get a dog, and when we see a young puppy running around with a stick in its mouth we tend to find that the reasons for getting a pet don’t even matter – we’re overcome instantly by a wave

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What Makes Your Dog Your Best Friend?

my dog my best friend

People who have never been dog owners aren’t always sure why dogs should be considered man’s best friend. However, they only need to see dog owners in action to get a bit of insight into why these particular animals are so important to the individuals, couples and

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