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Canine Casanova

female dogs in love

By Tracy Ahrens Trucker is a ladies’ man. Human or canine, he loves ladies and ladies love him. He’s only been in my life for one year and has attracted eight female neighbor dogs: Trina, Princess, Bosco, Molly, Angel, Munchkin, Maggie and a miniature dachshund named Trixie.

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A Spring Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

wordless Wednesday

We’ve been crazy this week, so hopefully that will make us a little wordless today on Wordless Wednesday! So I wanted share some photos from one of my favorite walks in Rolle, Switzerland. If you want to know about Rolle, I wrote a blog called Walk N’

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The 8 Best Family Dog Breeds

best dog for family

You’re finally ready to get a dog and there are probably hundreds of questions floating around in your head, such as “can we afford this” or “do we have enough time to train a puppy?” Aside from these questions, the biggest difficulty when buying a new dog

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