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IWCN Charity Bazaar & Pet Wagging Stall

Smart Pets-Calling all animal lovers Whether you are the cat’s mee-ow or the dog’s woof-woof… Whether you can swim like a fish or sunbathe like a lizard… Should you be flying like a bird or hopping like a rabbit… Our stall has it all! Plus there are

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Wordless Wednesday Halloween Blog Hop

Wimbledon UK

My favorite walk While living in Wimbledon Village in the UK this was one of my favorite walks. I use to go “just nuts” when I was here, running around, chasing, you name it, I loved it here. This photo was taken when Trina was trying to

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The Importance of Dog Beds

You may just think that dog beds serve as a place for your pet to sleep. But the fact of the matter is that they yield many psychological and physical benefits for the dog, as well as for its owner. To begin with, a dog bed provides

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Dawg’s Biscuits: Dog Treats that do Good

As with any smart dog-owning business, its important to reach out to your pack and get feedback on your products. And that is exactly what dog entrepreneur’s Brendan, Shannon, Blanche, and Jenna did with their wagging cool treats. The Bouviers‘ are the official dog taster’s at Dawg’s Biscuits. Nothing gets past

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Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Sleepy Dog

ood morning Wordless Wednesday blog hoppers! Wanted to show you my morning face. My mum is usually the first one up and  heads downstairs for coffee. Me, on the other paw like to snooze a bit and relish having the whole bed to myself. I just love

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