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A Beagle in the Grass

 Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Welcome to Wag The Dog UK Your source for dog friendly travel, care, and homemade dog food.. We also do wagging reviews of great products for your pooch and stuff for your owner too! Paw on the experience and a nose to the ground on dog friendly

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Caring for an Arthritic Dog or Cat

Arthritic can strikes our dogs at anytime throughout there life . If you notice changes in mood and activity, or isn’t feeling their best you may suspect a cold or your pooch ate the wrong thing, however it could be arthritis. In fact, arthritis affects one in

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Gluten-Free Guide for Dogs

Do you know how gluten could impact your dog’s diet? Dogs just like people, can often have gluten allergies, also known as celiac disease. This is a relatively common food allergy in dogs and the signs of gluten sensitivities may be seen in: skin and coat issues

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