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Separation, divorce and dogs

dogs and divorce

Let me tell you how it feels when your owners that you love to wagging bits decide to argue and separate. Believe it or not, we feel everything and get really confused, nervous and sad. When you experience your parents scream and yell, slam doors and sleep in

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5 year old dog

birthday dog

It’s official! I am a 5 year old dog today! Now you are probably wondering what does that mean? How do I feel and what did I do? Well this year, my owner had a very important meeting in the UK on a new product that we are

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great dog news for dogs who fly

dog news on flying

  What a great result in the news today for us dogs! Here are a great stories of flying dogs and the process is getting better! Soon enough we will be sitting right next to you in the cabin! United gets friendlier, lifts breed ban ohmidog! “As

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Shepherd’s Pie for dogs

Sheppard pie for dogs

Shepherd’s Pie for Dogs Shepherd’s pie is one of my favorites which I was introduced to when I was living in London. Shepherd’s Pie is an English dish, traditionally made with lamb or mutton and that’s just how we do this recipe for dogs. Americans typically make

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Mum’s Meatloaf for dogs

Meat loaf for dogs

There is nothing better on a Sunday rainy night that mum’s meatloaf for dogs. Tasty and filled with goodness. We added celery, carrots and sweet apple.  Easy to make, easy to slice for your dog to enjoy. We take this recipe on the road when we travel due

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