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Trucker’s Tail: Wait For The Tail

trucker's tail

My first dog was a Brittany spaniel. Speckles was 3 months old when he came into my life and his tail was already docked. As he grew older, and his hair started to lengthen and feather, several long, curly white strands of hair extended outward from the

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Animal Hero [Giving Tuesday] & Mr. Matumura

I wanted to share a powerful story with you on Giving Tuesday. It’s about an Animal hero who sacrifices his own health and well-being to help animals when no one else would. Do you remember the terrible tsunami that caused a power plant meltdown in Japan that

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A Dog Wag N View Of The World [101]

a dog wag n view of the world cover

A little woofy hello to everyone who is kind enough to visit my little dog house on the big wide interwebs. I thought I’d check in and write a bit about myself, my blog and hopefully that you’ll know why I love doing what I do. I

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