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Trucker And His Versatile Dog Feet

dog feet cover

Peacocks are proud of their tail feathers, mandrill monkeys flaunt their colorful rumps, and my dog, Trucker, treasures his dog feet. It’s not a nervous, obsessive act, but Trucker loves to keep his feet clean. He’s also devised ways to use them that strike me profoundly, such

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Our Roo Abrook Custom Pet Print Contestants!

roo abrook enter to win cover

These are the current entries into the Roo Abrook custom pet print competition. We’ve have beautiful dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits too! Woof! It’s going to be hard to choose! Your Next! Enter our photo contest and your pet’s photo could be featured as the next Roo

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Should I get a cat or a dog?

cat or a dog cover

I know with my peep it was the biggest question she asked herself all the time, “should I get a cat or a dog“. You see, my peep grew up in a house full of pets, dogs, cats and even an Iguana! She knew that when she

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Turning down the bed

pets in bed

My first dog, a Brittany spaniel named Speckles, knew my routine when it came to daily activities. He always reacted specifically for each one. For example, I’d brush my teeth in the evening and he knew I was going to be heading to bed shortly after. He

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Wag The Dog UK Howling 2015

wag the dog uk 2015

Hi everyone, I’m back after a long and wonderful holiday season. We’ve been busy checking out some great new recipes, new products, wagging reviews and howling giveaways.  And they are all coming your way this month! This Month we’ll be featuring   We’d like to thank… All

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