Clean Up Your Dog Naturally And Eco Friendly

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Let’s face it: Dogs are messy creatures. They tromp around outside in dirt and mud and track it all inside immediately upon entering the house. Muddy paw-prints are just part of the deal of being a pet owner. We love ‘em anyway. So why not clean up

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Mental Health Benefits of Owning an ESA

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A dog has been a man’s best friend for a long time. Not only are their strong sense of loyalty and heartwarming tendency to love unconditionally amazing traits unmatched by humans, they have a direct and indirect positive impact on their owner’s health. That’s why they are

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Top 10 Behavior Issues In Rescue Dogs

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Take a step to make a difference in a dog’s life. Karen Davison, a Canine psychologist, and an author says, Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” You might be thinking to bring a little

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How House-training Your Puppy Can Be Easy

House-training your puppy is not the as daunting a task as it seems to be. It necessitates patience, consistency, and tolerance on the part of the parent. It will usually require four to six months to efficiently train a puppy. However, the previous conditions of the pup

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Stop Fleas from Targeting Your Dog

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For most people, a dog is like as a member of the family. This means he or she is allowed free access throughout the home. You probably even find yourself letting your four-legged friend sleep in the same bed with you from time to time. While there

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Microchips -How Pets Find Their Way Home

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The majority of people see their pet as a member of the family. They are cared for so much and if anything happens to them can be absolutely devastating. This infographic from GAP takes you through how important it is to microchip your pets. Even if you

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How to Support Your Dog’s Joints in Old Age

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There is little more saddening than watching your best friend getting old. Like the rest of us, senior dogs can start to suffer from joint problems, leading to reduced mobility and discomfort. All the same, there are many things which we as owners can do to both

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