How To Choose The Right Dog For You

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Thinking of getting a dog to join your family? Well choosing a dog to become part of your life is just like finding the perfect partner that connects and enhances your life. Big choices in life, but always worth it when love is concerned. So that’s why

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8 Pupper-Friendly Backyard Features

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It’s fun to watch our furry little friends run and romp in the backyard. There’s something about a dog’s hilarious havoc that put a smile on our faces. However, we can’t expect the fun to happen in a boring outdoor space. As dog owners, we can design

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Animal Therapy is Beneficial for Emotional Support

Animal Therapy benefits

Have you every considered animal therapy? A number of studies have proven the fact that owning a pet provides a lot of health benefits in the elderly. Animal therapy can help stabilise spiking blood pressure and even prevent major heart attacks from occurring. Countless studies have also

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Top 5 Food Allergies in Dogs

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Introduction Do you know dogs suffer from allergic attacks? Have you, at any one time, observed that your dog develops skin rashes, itching skin, or paw biting on eating certain types of foods? The food you give to your dog might the causative factor of the occurrences.

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Strange Dog Noises – What Does That Mean!

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Know Your Dog’s Noises It’s funny when you think about it. Whenever a friend or family member makes a peculiar noise – be it a high-pitched sneeze or humming throat clear – we giggle and tease. But when our pets do the same thing, alarm bells suddenly

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Easy Ways to Save Money on Dog Care

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Dog care is expensive especially if you have several dogs. Getting to know some dog care tips is very important. Many people have dogs as pets. Dogs are the best pets you can ever have. Dogs can be expensive especially if an illness or health concern occurs.

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Seven Effective Remedies for Pets with Allergies

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Allergies are a common condition for both dogs and cats. However, our pets often suffer from allergies a bit differently than we do. Most of the time when we suffer from allergies, we have respiratory symptoms, like sneezing, runny eyes, a runny nose, nasal or sinus congestion

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