Natural Healing Modalities That Work For Pets

natural pet care

As more pet parents become aware of the adverse side effects of conventional medications and vaccinations that are used to treat a variety of conditions, the world of holistic veterinary medicine is becoming increasing popular. But what a lot of people do not realize about holistic medicine

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5 Tips For Taking Care Of A Senior Dog

how to care for a senior dog

There will come a time when your dog turns into an older dog, also known as a senior dog. While you may not realize it, having a senior dog requires different care and maintenance than younger dogs. With the aging process, there are invariable ups and downs.

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The top 3 scariest dog diseases

my dog is very sick

When beloved dogs get sick it’s a worrying time for those who love them and treat them as part of the family. Luckily, a lot of the illnesses your fluffy friends may pick up during the course of their lifetimes are easily treatable. Although a vet bill

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