Can I Give My Dog Gatorade? Get The Facts

Do you get worried when your dog feels the slightest discomfort? Don’t you want your dog to live a happy and healthy life? Dogs are the kindest and most loyal creatures on earth. Every dog parent’s topmost concern and priority centers around his/her dog and their health. 

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What to Do About Overgrown Dog Nails

overgrown dog nails cover

Pet owners far and wide consider the idea of trimming the nails on their dog an intimidating process. Guess what? Dogs aren’t very thrilled with the idea of getting their nails cut either. It’s an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. Not only is it tough to trim

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10 Signs your Dog Has an Upset Stomach

upset stomach cover

Dogs feel pain the same way as humans do. Although dogs may not be able to communicate how they feel, there are lots of signs which give us hints about how our dogs may be suffering. Here’s a discussion on 10 signs that may indicate that your

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5 Tips to Enhance Your Dog’s Health

We all want our dogs to be healthier as can be. Not only does their health mean fewer vet bills, but it also means they get to spend more happy, active years with us! Luckily, there are quite a few ways you can enhance your dog’s health

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5 Natural ways to get rid of fleas on Dogs

There are around 2500 species of Fleas, these tiny, small flightless and, blood-sucking insects too much irritate your furry friend. They feed off on the blood of animals and then reproduce quickly to increase their numbers. .this tiny creature is considered the number one skin parasite for

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How to Groom a Pomeranian at Home: A 3-Step Guide

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Are you looking to groom your Pomeranian while living under quarantine? Then, review the following step-by-step guide to learn how to groom your Pom at home: #1: Clean Ears & Cut Nails To start the process of grooming, you are required to clean your Pom’s ears. Naturally

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What Type of Water Should Your Pet Drink

dog water

Every animal requires drinking water to survive. Water is most important because it helps the pet remain hydrated, and it is one of the essential nutrients for your pet. The lean body mass of an adult animal comprises about 70 to 80 percent water. As a pet

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Ticks and Fleas – How to protect your dog in 2020

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Pet parents have to go through a lot when it comes to treating their dogs that have been infected with ticks and fleas. They can cause pet health issues like anemia, swollen joints, loss of appetite, hair loss, and fever and make dogs restless with constant itching.

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