Loving Summer Tips for Dogs

summer tips for dogs

Summer is on its way! It is my favorite season because it is packed full of fun, sun, spending time outdoors and traveling to new places to sniff. However, before you pack your suitcase and head outdoors to play be aware that summertime dangers could get you

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Why do dogs eat grass?

why do dogs eat grass

I have had a lot of people asking me why I am eating grass? Does your owner not feed you? Are you bored? Are you ill? Well, occasionally I like to chop on a bit of grass from time to time. I usually do this for a

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Tips on Socializing your Dog

train your puppy to be social

We beagles are naturally sociable creatures. We love everybody, including children, elderly and other dogs. Still, socializing was still important in my young life. I still needed to learn how to act and behave with my new human owners. It’s important for all dogs to become socialized. It helps us from

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Doggie Tooth Brushing Tips

dog brushing tips

Dog Tooth Brushing Your vet should as part of a complete physical examination and inspect the lips, teeth, and mouth of your dog.  You as an owner should also take part in the maintenance of your dog’s oral health.  We dogs can’t do it by ourselves; we need

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Cold Dog Feet Keep My Paws from Freezing

It’s freezing! We dogs need to keep warm while we stroll around with you on our daily walks. It’s really important that our feet are protected. We don’t have boots, but all we need is a little special care. Just take a little extra time to keep our paws well-groomed.

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