4 Common Dog Health Problems And How To Solve Them

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If you are one of the world’s devoted dog owners, you have most likely found that your canine best friend can develop health issues that remain unnoticed until you find your dog behaving differently. Then, you will need to observe closely and identify whatever is bothering the

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7 effective tips to lengthen the life of your dog

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We all want our pets to live longer and healthier lives. Fortunately, to lengthen the life of your furry friends, you can do something. Yes, it is possible if you maintain a healthy and natural diet of your canines. In addition to this, you must make your

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Your Dog’s Spring Forward Guide For 2020

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I love Spring, the weather is perfect for getting out of the house and spending time outdoors with your dog. The weather is not to hot for long walks and not too cold that your freezing at the dog park. That’s why when it’s time to Spring

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4 Tips On How To Take Care Of Dogs With Diabetes

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Your dog might be feeling more sluggish than usual. A quick walk will see that your dog gets tired relatively quickly. You presume that it’s because “Fido” was playing more than usual the other day. However, a trip to the vet reveals that your furry four-legged companion

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Why Dog Dental Care Is Important

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Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is important because dental disease in dogs can lead to serious consequences for your dog’s overall health. Consequences of poor dental care include: Tooth loss Bad breath Oral pain Organ damage Worsening of existing dental disease   According to, over 80

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5 Winter Illnesses Pets & Children Can Share

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While it may be colloquially known as the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas and its surrounding wintery months are also synonymous with becoming ill. With temperatures on the decline, days becoming shorter and many people eating more unhealthily than usual, our body’s immune systems can

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Advice for Long term Canine Dental Health

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To keep your dog’s teeth clean, get a vet to see your dog regularly. Listen to what the doc has to say and follow his advice as well. Next, brush your dog’s teeth after every meal. Remember to provide a balanced diet that keeps teeth and gums

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Dog Following You Everywhere? Here’s What You Can Do

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Dogs live a different life than they did long before. Modern dogs are used to eating pre-made commercial super dog foods, that they never had access to thousands of years ago. As humans evolve with time, so do our companions. Some dogs have gotten used to apartment

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