7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Fit

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Dogs may look like tough nuts but in reality, are extremely vulnerable creatures. Pet owners might find themselves in a fix with their beloved dogs. They may end up making their dogs overeat which results in health complications. The dogs may gain too much weight and become

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Choosing The Best Dog Shampoo For Your Pet

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Dogs may ruin your shoes, but they will never break your heart. I heard this line somewhere before and it just stuck to me. I mean, our furry pets can be a real pain at times, but you can never deny the fact that they’re also oozing

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Tips to House Train Your New Puppy

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Do you want to bring a new puppy to your home? Remember, a puppy brings excitement and some challenges simultaneously. The biggest challenge is potty training. A few puppies can learn quickly, whereas others may struggle with it. For the success of the training period, you must

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Find the Best Home Away From Home for Your Dog

A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. An item is disposable. A dog is not. An idea doesn’t have a heart. A dog’s heart is more significant than any “thing” you can ever own. If your heart doesn’t melt with

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How To Get Your Dog Ready For Summer

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Summer is approaching and just like we all switch our winter coats for lighter and more colourful garments, our dogs need to transition to hot days in the proper way too. We’re all waiting for that time of year when we will finally spend most of our

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Creating a Beautiful, Stylish Dog-Friendly Garden

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notes Rosie Barclay, Chairperson of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors in the UK, yet many pets are missing out on their daily dose of Vitamin D because gardens may not be adapted to their needs. The biggest risks for dogs include fences that can easily be dug under to

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Dog Training Tips: The Proper Way to Use Treats

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Dogs aren’t wired to listen to their human’s command immediately. It takes training for them to be obedient, well-disciplined, and calm in different situations. Sometimes, your canine companion will even purposely test how much they can get away with things.  Other times, they simply refuse to listen.

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Improve Your Dog’s Health with Appropriate Dog Care

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Your pets need dedicated health care to be fit. For this purpose, you need to join animal hospitals and pet care clinics offering extensive treatment to sick and injured pets. Your pets are your family members. If this is your first time, then you need guidance about

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9 Tips On How to Pet Proof Furniture

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Each pet owner understands how difficult it can be keeping furniture nice when you have a pet around. Don’t lock your dog in the bedroom or wrap your couch up in plastic. Just select furniture that can hold up to your pet! That may not be as

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