Dog Training Tips: The Proper Way to Use Treats

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Dogs aren’t wired to listen to their human’s command immediately. It takes training for them to be obedient, well-disciplined, and calm in different situations. Sometimes, your canine companion will even purposely test how much they can get away with things.  Other times, they simply refuse to listen.

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Improve Your Dog’s Health with Appropriate Dog Care

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Your pets need dedicated health care to be fit. For this purpose, you need to join animal hospitals and pet care clinics offering extensive treatment to sick and injured pets. Your pets are your family members. If this is your first time, then you need guidance about

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9 Tips On How to Pet Proof Furniture

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Each pet owner understands how difficult it can be keeping furniture nice when you have a pet around. Don’t lock your dog in the bedroom or wrap your couch up in plastic. Just select furniture that can hold up to your pet! That may not be as

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Tips for Removing Dog Urine Smell From Carpet

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It’s fun to have a furry little pet around the house, but they sure do make a lot of mess. If that wasn’t bad enough, some of their mess can leave a dog urine smell behind. Moreover, carpets are their favorite place to go. If you have

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How to Help Your Depressed Dog Bounce Back

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Like humans, a couple of dogs tend to go through bouts of depression occasionally. Of course, a depressed dog does not have the capacity to reason like humans, but this does not mean they do not experience depression. Fortunately, depression experienced by canines is not as complicated

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7 Interesting Ways Of Playing With Your New Kitten

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If you are a cat person, then games involving playing with your kitten can be both expensive and challenging for you. Here are seven exciting budget-friendly games that you can play with your kitten. These kitty games are not only super exciting, but they are very easy

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Safe This Winter

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Your dog is your best friend, as the saying goes. Wintertime presents its own set of challenges for keeping your pup healthy and happy. It’s important to tailor your pup’s care to the different seasons so you guys can enjoy the snow — and the snuggles —

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5 Myths About Fleas and Pets

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Fleas are, if nothing else, extremely inconvenient. But they’re also more common than you might think. Fleas breed outdoors and while they may bite humans, they more commonly attach to the fur on cats and dogs. If your pet spends a lot of time outside, they are

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Which Are The Best Clippers For Dogs?

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Dog grooming is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your beloved pet remains clean and healthy as well as improve her comfort at all times. Apart from preventing illness and parasite infestation, grooming also creates a closer and stronger bond between you and your

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