Big Breeds: Feeding Dogs Based On Their Breed

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When it comes to feeding their dogs, British consumers take it very seriously and are twice as likely to cut back on their own food shopping instead of their pooch. Different dogs not only need a breed-specific diet based on their size, ideal weight and illnesses they are prone

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Water Safety Tips: Keep Your Pet Secure in Water

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Water is an excellent source of fun for your pet. Before taking your pet out for a paddle, make sure to arrange safety equipment for him. Some people think that canines are great swimmers, but they are not. You can’t gauge the swimming skills of your pet

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How Dogs Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

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You probably already know the joy and affection a dog can bring to your life. You can’t argue with the fact that they are fun to have around. However, you might not be aware of the powerful benefits dogs can have on your physical and mental health,

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How to Keep Your Large Dog Healthy

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Big dogs are adorable because they tend to have mild temperaments, which makes them a popular choice for many families. According to experts, large dogs are friendlier because their size makes them less intimidated. Unfortunately, large dog breeds are very fragile, especially in their old age and

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Reducing Your Dog’s Fear of Going to the Vet

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It’s the event that dog owners dread but, whether your dog needs an annual check-up or more serious medical assistance, going to the vets is unavoidable. A number of dogs are afraid of these trips, which means they can become far more difficult and stressful than needed.

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9 Common Dog Health Issues & How You Can Be Ready

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Dogs are the best companions. Having a little pet is the best feeling one can ever have. Just like our small children, dogs look up to us to provide them with care and medical aid when the need arises. Knowing what health Issues to be aware of

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Dog Behavior – Decoding Your Dog (Infographic)

dog behavior cover

If a person wants to communicate their intentions and mood to you, their words and demeanor will generally get the message across quite clearly. Animals are not able to achieve such clarity, with humans instead reliant on their own intuition and knowledge to decipher the signals. Even

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Create the Perfect Indoor Play Area for Your Dog

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Are you a dog owner without a garden? It can be easy to feel guilty about your living situation – especially when you see how happy your four-legged friend is rolling around in the grass at the park – but lots of dogs can live happy lives

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Top Tips For Moving House With Your Dog

moving house cover

Buying a new house is a super exciting time in your life. Everything would be great if it weren’t for the actual moving. Moving house is an absolute faff – it’s the time when you realise just how much junk you’ve got, and that you need to

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