Why do dogs need toys

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Now its true when we were wild dogs or hard working dogs, toys were really not an option for us, and that was just how it was back in those days.. However, now that we are domesticated and have become part of the family our role in

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A Simple Guide To Feeding Your Puppy

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One of the most important things for a puppy to grow strong, fit and healthy is that it is given the correct diet, in the correct amounts and at the correct times. The following is a guide to help any new puppy owner do all this!  

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Why Your Dog Should Have A Dog Bed?

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Our furry friends sleep for a whopping twelve hours each day that’s why it’s essential that we have dog beds for them. While it seems that they’re comfortable with sleeping just about anywhere, you could be doing them a great favor by giving them a bed. The

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The 5 Best Essential Oils for Dog Anxiety

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Introduction Does your dog seem anxious? Are her concentration and focus sharp? If not, then she could be experiencing dog anxiety. Just like any human, your dog could be anxious if she is stressed, separated from her usual environment and companions, or even put in a startling

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Assuring Your Puppy Gets the Best Pet Nutrition

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When getting a new puppy meeting their nutritional needs is a must. There is no shortage of different puppy food brands available to buy and narrowing it down can be difficult. In the face of so much information, it can be hard knowing where to start and

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How to Give Your Dog Vitamins

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It is common for people to take vitamins and supplements. In recent years there has also been a growth in the number of people giving vitamins to their pets as well. But is this really necessary? Is it safe to give vitamins to dogs? Nearly a third

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How To Read Your Dog’s Body Language and Behaviors

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People love to communicate with their best canine friends and sometimes feel frustrated because they aren’t speaking the same language. Understanding dogs’ behaviors (that is different from breed to breed – Yorkie, Maltese, Morkie, French Bulldogs, Cavachon, Mini Goldendoodle, CavaPoo or Cavoodle puppies) may help people to

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What Should You Pack In A Dog Survival Kit?

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Pooching Around is a great resource site for dog owners has designed and produced an interesting infographic all about doggy survival kits. With handy tips on what they should include. Although there is not always advanced warning of when you might be caught in an emergency situation.

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