7 Signs That Your Dog Sees You as a Pack Leader

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Dogs are pack animals and it’s important that you establish yourself as a pack leader. They are descendants of wolves and although they have been domesticated and socially integrated into the human society, the mentality of being a part of a pack still remains.   No matter

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Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy- Benefits and Tips

Have you seen those cute videos of dogs while they are getting their teeth brushed? Looks funny and adorable right? Well, maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene is extremely important. In this article, we discuss why and how to maintain the dental hygiene of you furry darlings. Brushing

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5 Benefits Of Professional Dog Grooming

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People who aren’t pet parents often think that professional pet grooming is an unnecessary kind of luxury. But in fact, regular grooming will not only make a dog look great it also has health benefits.   Many owners realize the importance of regular grooming and take their

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Tips For Walking Dogs The Right Way

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It is always smart to check on your dog’s health prior to embarking on any new exercise plan, just as you would for yourself. You are well-advised to ask the veterinarian about the proper amount of weight for the dog to shed, and how feeding methods and

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What Are The Risks Associated With Flea Infestation

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If you have ever searched for pet care products you must have come across myriads of products that deal with the flea infestation. Have you ever wondered why such a huge portion pet care product is devoted to combat flea infection? There is no price for guessing

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How Can I Keep My Dog’s Teeth Clean?

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Every dog has his own personality, my two chocolate labs included. They are litter mates that I raised together.  However, Jake sits quietly and lets me brush his teeth, while Luke needs more convincing (yes, I mean shameless bribery). So, I thought I would offer a few

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6 Benefits of Having a Dog During a Struggle

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There’s a reason pet therapy is so often prescribed for those going through tough times—and there’s a lot more to a relationship with your dog beyond “man’s best friend.” Numerous studies have shown that simply being around dogs, petting them, playing with them or forming a bond

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9 Ways To Work Out With Your Dogs

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Have you ever wished you could be a little more motivated to work out? You have a built-in accountability buddy right there on the couch next to you! Working out with your dog is a fun way to get yourself more active and to help your dog

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Spring, You and Your Dog: How To Get Ready

Hello Spring! Well I hope so, it’s still kinda chilly and it snowed last week.  However, I do feel it’s right around the corner and I can’t wait! It’s my favorite time of year; not too hot and not too cold, just warmer temperatures and more sunshine

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