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10 Things People Love About Dogs

why we love dogs

For the love of Dog Humans have fallen completely and utterly in love with their dogs. Disagree? Consider all the services we have created just for them. There are dog parks, dog walkers, dog groomers, doggy daycare, and even dog friendly hotels. And it doesn’t stop there.

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Jilly top dog at leading show- A Wagging Hound Wins Crufts

hound wins Crufts

[repostus jump=4 hash=885cc7715f635d141435679e59918410 title=Jilly+top+dog+at+leading+show host=AFP short=1AJO3 snip=Carl+Court%2FAFPGavin+Robertson+and+Jilly%2C+a+Basset+Griffon+Vendeen%2C+celebrate+winning+the+Best+in+Show+category+at+the+Crufts+Dog+Show+in+Birmingham%2C+in+central+England+on+March+10%2C+2013.A+Petit+Basset+Griffon+Vendeen+called+Jilly+on+Sunday+won+the+Best+in+Show+award+at+Britain%27s+Crufts+festival%2C+the%26hellip%3B thumb=4546880]

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