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Animal Hearing VS. Human Info-Graph

animal hearing cover

As you already know, we dogs have amazing hearing. We might not always listen, but we can hear the treat cupboard open from across the house. It’s true, dogs can hear better than humans and can hear sounds that your ears don’t even pick up. When it

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Naughty Pets Contest – Enter To Win Prizes

naughty pets contest

Naughty pets wanted! Terry’s Fabrics are on a mission to find out the naughtiest pets out there, and to reward their owners with £500 that could go towards repairing the damage. We all love our pets, but they don’t always love our furniture. Most pet owners have,

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Cats vs Dogs Which Is the Nation’s Favourite?

cats vs dogs cover

Cats vs Dogs Now obviously when the team at Wag the Dog are presented with the question cats vs dogs, there is only one clear winner in their eyes! Yes it’s those loyal, loveable and legendary dogs of course! However, the debate between pet owners and animal

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Discover A Crossbreed With this Wag Cool Tool

discover dog breeds cover

I love dogs, in all shapes and sizes, old dogs, young dogs and the sweetest wobbly puppies. And when I’m tooling around the commons I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I had the water loving attitude of a Labrador or the lap loving traits

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Nuzzle -GPS Collar & Indiegogo Campaign

nuzzle cover

We just had a chat with the dog loving people over at Nuzzle headquarters and they just let us know that their Indiegogo campaign is alive and active. As you all know we love and try to support small businesses making cool products for dogs. In fact

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