Dog Walking And Dog Care

Dog Walks and More

Dogs walks are so last year! We do Bright eyed and busy tailed day dog pack walks!
Romping through the best open spaces . Lasting approximately two hour, our energetic group walks are designed with your dog in mind. It’s energetic, social and stimulating.

A full fun run with loads of doggie friends in the surrounding Surrey and SW London Parks. Free from leads at times, the dogs are allowed to be themselves around their own in the wilderness; a fantastic day for any of your four legged friend.

We have two session mid morning and afternoon. We pick up your pup and drop him off after his day of social active bliss.

Pack run: £18

Dog Day Care

It’s a dog wagging day camp adventure for the day. Play, walks and socialising with their furry mates! Besides having epic pack walks, there is time for your dog to catch up with his mates during day. Guaranteed that your pup will be pooped after his day.

start from 10am, walk, play, rest and drop off starts from 3:30pm

Day camp: £25

Dog Sleepovers

When a kennel just won’t do for Fido. We have a network of dog loving host families eager to share their home with your pooch. You dog moves in with them and become part of their family. Boarding couldn’t be better!

Maybe your dog wants to stay home? Ask us about our in house service. We’ll be there when you can’t be. Perfect for furry family packs with multiple pets.

Overnight at ours: £40

Overnight at yours: £40 for single pet. £5 extra for additional pets.

Puppy Day Camp Spring/Summer 2018

Puppies have different needs and different exercise requirements. Our puppy day camp is focused on puppies only. Offering lunch time feeding, puppy walks and socialization with other pups their age.

Pup day camp: £25 

Oh Kitty Care

We never forget that our kitties need love too when you are away.

Our cat loving sitters will make sure your kitty is happy and frisky while your away. With play, feeding and fresh water. We’ll even collect your mail and water your plants too.

1 visit a day £12

2 visits a day £18

Something Different For Your Pooch

Offering a variety of bespoke services, we can accommodate any requests, always making sure our friends get the attention they deserve.

  • weekend walks £3 surcharge
  • weekend daycare £5 surcharge
  • Night walks & dinner between 5 pm to 9 pm £20

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Send us a message today on your pet’s needs and we will contact you to set up a meeting and discuss your needs.