Dog Tasty Meals

Summer tuna salad for dogs

tuna salad for dogs

On hot Summer days one of my favorite meals is my tuna salad for dogs. We use either fresh tuna (watch the bones) or canned tuna in oil.  It is a total treat that I get in moderation. Our mixture of tuna, peas, apples with whole spelt pasta is

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Shepherd’s Pie for dogs

Sheppard pie for dogs

Shepherd’s Pie for Dogs Shepherd’s pie is one of my favorites which I was introduced to when I was living in London. Shepherd’s Pie is an English dish, traditionally made with lamb or mutton and that’s just how we do this recipe for dogs. Americans typically make

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Mum’s Meatloaf for dogs

Meat loaf for dogs

There is nothing better on a Sunday rainy night that mum’s meatloaf for dogs. Tasty and filled with goodness. We added celery, carrots and sweet apple.  Easy to make, easy to slice for your dog to enjoy. We take this recipe on the road when we travel due

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Peach tasty Salmon for Dogs

peach salmon for dogs

Salmon is a fantastic choice for dogs, it is a great way to get omega-3 fatty acids that help create a wonderful, healthy and shiny coat. It is also a quick and easy meal to make. Mixed with a flavourful peach melee, rice and dill will make any

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Duck A La Yam

duck for dogs

Duck is a nice and tasty meat that is beneficial to dogs… We love it! It is a wonderfully fatty meat and is a wonderful treat for a special dinner. Living here in the French part of Switzerland, I like to call it Canard a la yam!

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Chicken Pot Pie

chicken pot pie for dogs

Chicken pot pie is comfort food, and it smells amazing when baking in the oven. As with all types of comfort food, everyone has their own way of making it – and this recipe is perfect for us dogs.  It’s customized to suit our doggie style taste. The biggest

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Maggie’s Chicken Burgers

chicken burgers for dogs

Who doesn’t like burgers? This is a great burger for dogs due to it’s a healthy makeover by adding the veggies right in the mix. Dogs don’t know that their burger is loaded with healthy veggies. Ingredients: 4 cups of minced chicken (about a pound, 500 g) 1 cup

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