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Ever wonder what to cook for dogs, or how to do it, or why?


Well, it’s Tasty!….There is nothing better than  home cooked food for dogs, with fresh ingredients that we dogs really enjoy. No wonder we look at you when your eating fresh food!

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 Find out why it’s great to cook for your dog:

Why Cook for Dogs?

Homemade pet food is not about making the same thing you could get in a high-quality can of organic dog food. It’s about providing your dog with variety and a full range of nutrients, antioxidants, micro-nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

Some dogs may be picky eaters, but with a fresh, home-cooked meal in place of (or added to) plain, commercial dog food can turn into lip smacking hounds.

The best part is that when you make your dog’s food yourself, you have total control over everything you feed, so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of altered or contaminated ingredients, and more importantly you can avoid any food that causes problems for your dog.

Cooking for your dog is not hard, but it is vital that it be done correctly and not merely consist of table scraps.  If you want to start feeding your dog a home-made diet or just add fresh foods to their diet, even if you continue to feed commercial foods, our recipes are perfect to get you started.

Always remember to check with your vet if you plan to start feeding your dog your culinary creations. You vet is a great source for information, and can suggest added supplements to go with your dogs meals. In fact he may even have a recipe or two to try out as well.


About My Recipes

All of my recipes are easy to make and use ingredients that are readily available at your local market. Most of the recipes include a veggie and fruit melee that I usually prepare in advance and freeze for the week.

All recipes can be prepared in large batches and frozen in portions to make the process easier. The recipes can be doubled up or halfed depending on your dogs size and needs. When adding supplements such as bone meal and vitamins, I usually add them just before serving.

Serving your dog a variety of foods over the course of a month helps ensure that they receive a good cross section of essential nutrients.

These recipes are intended for use by adult dogs that have no special dietary needs due to state of health, and that they are not pregnant, lactating or working dogs.

Enjoy and have fun cooking for your pooch!

Why not try one of our  tasty recipes today!



 Dining Out?

Want to take your dog out to your local dog friendly restaurant? How are your doggie dining manners?


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