Wagging Reviews

Review: My Pet Holiday Website

I want to introduce you to Gunther, a wise old miniature schnauzer, and the inspiration behind My Pet Holiday. A dog entrepreneur who started a wonderful service where savvy dogs and their owners could find suitable accommodation, dog walkers, day pet care and other useful dog-centric services.

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Dawg’s Biscuits: Dog Treats that do Good

As with any smart dog-owning business, its important to reach out to your pack and get feedback on your products. And that is exactly what dog entrepreneur’s Brendan, Shannon, Blanche, and Jenna did with their wagging cool treats. The Bouviers‘ are the official dog taster’s at Dawg’s Biscuits. Nothing gets past

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Barking Mad Clothing for dogs UK

Wag The Dog’s Discount code for Barking Mad Clothing Yes it true! Wagging readers of Wag the Dog UK can get a 10% discount on your next order. The code must be used online in the discount box and will entitle you to an additional 10% discount on all

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