The Best Dog Breeds to Run With Inter Active Graph


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If your new year’s resolution to get fit has failed, and you’re looking for a bit of motivation to get moving again, then your dog can help! Lovejoys have recently produced an interactive graph that shows the best dog breeds to run with, so you can find out how well-suited your pooch is to running with you. Click on a dog or use the selection bar at the top to choose one:




Running with dogs is increasing in popularity in the UK, with many “canicross” clubs offering humans and their pets the chance to run with other like-minded dog lovers. As specified below the graph, dogs are ideally suited to running off-road and in cooler temperatures, unless, of course, they’re a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who have the ability to run in boiling hot temperatures due to their background in hunting game. Other dogs considered the “best” over long distances are sled-dog breeds like the Husky, and sheep dogs like the Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog. If you fancy a quick sprint to burn off a few calories, a greyhound or whippet would be the perfect choice!


As you can see, hope is not lost! Running with your dog is a great way to get yourself, and your pet into shape, and of course, a healthy pet is a happy pet!