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Let’s go camping with our dog

camping with dogs

There is nothing better than camping; being outdoors with nature right in front of your nose. Fresh clean air, beautiful views and wonderful sounds of nature, what more could a dog want? We can be a valuable asset while out camping. I can smell and hear things

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The ins and outs of Flying with Dogs

flying with dogs

I have to confess, flying on commercial airlines is not my favorite thing to do. I have flown a couple of times in my life and even though everything turned out fine, I was still glad the whole trip was over and I had my paws on the ground. My first

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Dog Friendly Ferry Crossing Tips

ferry tips for dogs

My ideal ferry ride has always been running around the open deck, snoozing in the passenger lounge and walking on board with my own four feet. However that is basically not the case when it comes to ferry travel for us dogs.   Most ferries in Europe and

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Dog Wagging Train Travel Tips for Europe

train travel with dogs

Travelling with your dog via train in Europe is a great experience and a wonderful way to see France, Italy, Switzerland and a dozen other dog-friendly countries.  In the U.K. National rail is happy to have you, however, have your owner check the rules for other train

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