Thinking of a little dog friendly travel?

dog friendly travel
I’m often asked how I got from here to there on four paws and was it dog friendly when I got there.  so I decided to create this page with all the information that you’ll need to hit the road with your four legged pal. So have a wag around and  I HIGHLY recommend that you check out our doggie travel tips and see what you need to do before you set off.

Traveling with your dog can be loads of fun if you know what to do and set-up the right arrangements. Finding, and organizing your dogs travel will ensure that you and your furry friend will have the best dog friendly time possible.

Getting there with your dog

dog friendly travel by car
By Automobile: The automobile is usually the best way to travel with dogs. If you own a vehicle, chances are your dog has ridden in it for trips to the vets, the park and so on. If not, now is the time to start. Car Travel Tips

By Ferry: There are many ways to cross the shining seas or get to the other side of a lake. Ferry Rules for Dogs

Trains: There is as many rules for dogs as there are train companies in Europe. Most are dog friendly. Train Travel Tips

By Air: Air travel for dogs is not my favorite way to travel, but sometimes its they only way I can get to our new destination. I know you do not think of us as cargo, but most airlines think we are just that.  The cargo hold does not make for a pleasant travel experience, even for relaxed dogs. Small dog owners are in luck, though, some airlines will allow you to bring your dog in a carrier if it can fit under the seat in front of you. Commercial Air travel

air travel pets

Hotels: If you will be staying at a hotel while traveling with your dog, cover all your bases in advance. A pet-friendly hotel is more than just one that allows dogs – it is one that welcomes them. Hotel tips

Camping: Camping with your dog can be the perfect way to spend time together while enjoying nature right in front of your nose. Camping tips


Doggie Travel Essentials?

You want to make sure your dog is happy while away from home, and its important that Fido has his essentials. Having your dogs favorite food, bed and toys to enjoy while on the road will help to ensure that both of you have a happy wagging time.