Hong Kong Has A New Pet Bus For Dogs

Hong Kong Pet Bus

When I lived in Hong Kong, I was luck enough to live near Victoria Peak and was able to enjoy all the wonderful trails and scenery that the beautiful park had to offer. However getting around the rest of the island can be tricky if you don’t have a car due to most public transportation won’t let you ride with your peep.

When we went to other places around the island or off to Kowloon side, we had to take a taxi. This can be a little tricky, because some taxi drivers don’t want a dog in their car, and don’t have to take you as a fare.  However we did find a lot of dog loving taxi drivers who were very happy to take us around town.

So when we heard that a new pet bus has started in Hong Kong, we had to check out the story and share it with our readers.

Every Sunday the pet bus service lets pet owners take their beloved four-footed friends out on trips around the city and visits to dog friendly parks. It’s perfect for dogs that live in heart of Hong Kong and may not be close to a green area to roam and sniff around.

Having a  pet bus service provides pet owners a cheap option to bring their pets to places other than areas just near their own homes, which in some areas could be a concrete jungle.

I think it’s a great idea, it’s a fun way for Fido and their peep to check out more places like new dog parks, meet other dog owners and explore the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

Depending on the distance, a round trip costs between HKD $59 ( £4.50) and HKD $99 ( £7.50) per person with a two hour stop at a park.

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See the company on Facebook/99bus HK

If you live in Hong Kong there is a Pet Group on Facebook that might be of interest too. It’s called Hong Kong Pet Owners