Top 10 Luxury Pet-friendly hotels in the USA

pet friendly hotels cover

While Europe is considered the no.1 destination when it comes to extreme pet-friendliness, USA is right behind. Now you don’t have to leave those four-legged family members alone while checking into major hotels in the US. Your pets can join you in many of the top hotels

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Food stamps for pets organization opens in New York

foodstamps for dogs

[repostus hash=f9088489e91d57cf5413a14f4f61c99e title=Food+stamps+for+pets+organization+opens+in+New+York host=GlobalPost short=1Ae8g snip=Pet+Food+Stamps%2C+a+donation-based+program%2C+provides+assistance+to+low-income+people+with+pets.+Amy+Silverstein+A+new+charity+called+Pet+Food+Stamps+promises+to+help+low-income+families+who+are+struggling+to+feed+their+pets.+The+program+is+based+in+New+York+but+recently+became+open+to+anyone+in+the%26hellip%3B thumb=4424781]

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