Crufts Human Treats For Your Dog Loving Peep

crufts human treats

I love dog treats, be they big or small, chewy or crunchy or somewhere in between, if they are there for the taking, I am a wagging! So every dog knows that when they get a treat, it’s because their owner is saying thank you.

They might be saying thank you because you did the cute trick, or came back when they called you or you were well behaved. There is also nothing better than a thank you for being my dog treat. It’s sure bliss and sure love and just make us dogs wag our tail in appreciation.

So what’s a dog to do when they want to do the same for the peeps in their life? Why give them some treats too of course. It’s always nice to give a little gift to your pet sitter, groomer or that really nice lady who took you for a walk last week.

Crufts human treats are just perfect for a dog to say thank you. Crufts human dog treats come in 4 different sized metal gift tins, each with a different treat inside. They also say “thank you for walking me” on one side of the tin and “Your my best friend” on the other. Which I think sums up just how us dogs feel when we want to say thank you.

Ideal for when someone takes care of your dog for you.


Crufts Human Treats


Now we’re not saying that you have “peep breath” when you come down to give us a pat or a kiss.

Jelly Beanscrufts-human-treat-jelly

Bright and colourful, who doesn’t love jelly beans. Perfect little bite size for training your peep. My peep loves them!


Sweet, tasty and made in the UK. It’s like a chew for peeps.

Shortbread Cookiescrufts-human-treat-short

These remind me of some tasty dog biscuits but made special for peeps!

So if your thinking of rewarding one of your favourite peeps these little gift boxes would be perfect way for you to say “thank you!” and hey you never know you might also get a tasty treat back too!

About Crufts

Crufts is one of the largest dog events in the world. No longer purely a dog show, Crufts celebrates every aspect of the role that dogs play in our lives. Every year in March the Kennel Club hosts Crufts for prospective dog owners and dog lovers from all over the world. It’s a prime opportunity to:

  • Talk to the Kennel Club’s assured breeders, charities and breed experts.
  • How to responsibly buy or rescue a dog.
  • Watch dog agility, best in show and other doggy events.
  • And of course shop with hundred of trade stands selling anything and everything for dogs and the people who love them.

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