Why Are Wireless Dog Fences So Popular?

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Many dog-related products on the market have been very prevalent over the recent years, but nothing compares to that of the wireless dog fences. These devices have been around for a while now but it’s just recently that the demand for this kind of product went up. With the advent of the current situation we are facing in the world, the idea of social distancing has expanded to our furry companions too.

Those that care and love their canines or felines want to keep them safe, and with the COVID-19 Coronavirus going around, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) has stated that because it originally originated from an animal, it can easily spread to other creatures too. One can read further material about this here. Which is why, to keep all our animals safe we should make sure they don’t wander off into unknown zones in our area, and to do this is to find an affordable solution like investing in a wireless pet fence.

Besides the above reason for its recent hike in interest, there are also other benefits that we can get from this.  We will also provide you with some insight into the different types available on the market.


Why Get A Wireless Fence?

One of the main things, why people don’t go for a physically installed fence, is it may not be a practical solution for them or their property. In some states, regulations and property restrictions may mean that one cannot put up a fence. Also, if you live in a gated community, your neighbours may not be too keen on you putting up a massive fence just for your little pooch, especially if it is adjacent to their property.

There may also be the fact that a physical fence is not the best solution for your pet, in particular, they could easily jump over it or dig underneath it and get out. Especially if they are big dogs, there is only so much you can do to keep them inside the parameters. Some dogs may be too big and will easily climb over or break the fence as well. The English Mastiff are some of the largest dogs in the world and can weigh up to 230 pounds, having this dog means you cannot live in a house with a small garden or in a neighbourhood with back to back houses.

So, what do you do? You invest in the invisible wireless dog fence.

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How the Invisible Dog Fence Works – The Intelligence Behind It

This is a very smart and well-thought-out option because it is simple and does not disrupt anything or anyone. The idea is a modest one, all you do is set a boundary around the premises with an in-ground wire or a central transmitter which is dug under the ground or kept above it, in the middle of the garden or back yard, almost like how it is described here: https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/everyday-innovations/pet-fence.htm and the other half which is the receiver, goes into a collar that you place on your furry. Done and dusted!

These mechanisms are based on the logic that when your pet gets too close to the confines of the boundary’s distance programmed into the transmitter, it will send a “prompt” correction in the form of a static vibration or sound. This is emitted from his collar, reminding him not to go beyond that point or that he has gone beyond the border and needs to go back. It is an indirect form of training for them.

This is possibly one of the best things that a pet owner should invest in. Keeping your dog safe from harm and the outside world is our responsibility. This device doesn’t only train and discipline them but it also keeps them safe. Dogs are intelligent creatures and for sure in a very short time, they will learn not to go beyond the boundaries of the property, making it a win-win for everyone.

Different Types of Wireless Dog fences

One can easily buy these at a pet store or an online store that sells pet products. You can also read more about the wireless versions to help you understand whether it will fit in your home or not. You can choose between the that or the in-ground and above-ground ones, and say goodbye to good old fences that need to be dug and placed in your yard, spoiling it’s look and landscape and making your home feel even smaller than it already is.

What are your thoughts on wireless dog fences?