Dog Friendly Nyon Switzerland

My hometown Nyon is a dog-friendly little village situated on Lake Geneva, halfway between Geneva and Lausanne, amid the vineyards of La Cote. The town boasts history from the Romans, Celtic Helvetians and the Middle A, es.

This town is dog crazy and you will find many dogs enjoying all aspects of life including dog friendly dining, outdoor cafes, and shopping. In fact you will see happy dogs strolling all over town.

Dog-Friendliness: 5 dog wags

You will also find the Swiss dog bag dispensers throughout Nyon. They are easy to find; bright yellow bags in a dog owner’s hand or tied to their leads… Instructions in German, French, Italian, however I think you know what they are used for…

Getting There

Airport: Geneva Airport:     20 Minutes away

Train Station:      Excellent commuter timetable

Ferry:        Ferry Service from Geneva, Lausanne, France

My Vet: Veterinarian Gianoli Nicola  Route du Boiron 1, 1260 Nyon Switzerland

+41 (0) 22 362 44 33

 Dog Walking Highlights

Old Town – arcades similar to those in Berne with limited car traffic. A perfect town stroll that will keep your owners entertained while they learn about the Roman Settlement.

13th Century castle with five round towers. A fantastic place to view Lake Geneva, France and Mount Blanc. From here you

can walk the pedestrian Rue Maupertuis with its stunning views or head down the Garden Zig Zags to…

The Rive, the lower waterfront district of Nyon is the place to catch a ferry, walk the water front and beach area, stop for coffee or lunch at one of the numerous cafes.

Also another great place to explore is the wonderful Bourg de Rive Park and the promenade d’Italie that brings you back up to the old town.

If you’re looking for a great hike and fantastic views take the train to Givrine. (The station is located just below the main train station.)

If you’re owners have a car, your five minutes away from running through vineyards, country fields, viewing cows, horses and a fox or two.

If you have football fan owners there is an excellent park with some football related memorabilia located at UEFA Headquarters. A Must see for all football fans. All the European Cups are on display inside the main building (if they let you in)