My Tuscany Holiday Villa Tips and Review

dog friendly villa

Ahh…Italy, my favorite place to go. They call me Beagalino when I am there, which I think is quite cute.  For our holidays we rented a holiday let in Pieve Santo Stefano in Tuscany. It is located about 10 minutes from Sansepolcro and about 30 minutes from Arezzo. The property was called Le Caviere which I will tell you all about it in a little while.

Now a holiday let is a fantastic way to go with a dog. You have your own little home away from home and all the comforts that you enjoy. Much roomier, a kitchen for cooking, places to lounge around and usually in a beautiful setting ready to explore.

Now renting a holiday villa is quite similar to booking a hotel, except for a few exceptions. Most holidays lets are booked either by the week or month and have special starting days and exit days. Most if not all require a deposit and payment in full before you go. Now there are many websites that offer holiday villas, however, finding ones that accept dogs is a little more specialized. My favorites include:

But these are only a few, so shop around and look for other great places to book a villa, there are 1000’s to choose from these days on the web. In fact our last booking came from Abercrombie & Kent Villas, which actually did not promote dog-friendly villas, however, we saw an amazing villa that we fell in love with; so we sent an email to the agent to ask the owner if they would accept a happy-go-lucky dog? We did get a “yes” from the dog-loving owners!

You will be quiet surprised how many times we got a “yes” when the web page said “no”

Speaking of contacting an agent or homeowner it’s handy to get answers about the property and rules of the house for dogs.

  • Where is my dog allowed in the house and property? Can the dog take a dip in the pool?
  • Is there an additional fee for my dog?
  • How many dogs will you accept? What size?
  • Are there other dogs? animals on the property or nearby that can access the property?
  • What day trips or walking areas are good for my dog?
  • Are the locals’ dog-friendly?
  • Does the villa have any features that render it unsafe for a dog?
  • Is the Villa staffed and are they happy to cater to a dog?
  • Does a fence separate the property from the main road? neighbors house?
  • Do you have contact with a local vet for emergencies
  • Are there dog-friendly activities in the area, dog-friendly beach, park, etc.
  • If talking to an agent, are the owner’s aware of the dog coming?

Once you have all that covered, pack your dog bag and enjoy your time in a beautiful villa!


Dog Friendliness: … 4 dog wags

As I was saying earlier we stayed at Le Caviere a tastefully designed and decorated converted barn perfect for a couple. It was located on its own little mountaintop that gave us amazing views of the valley. The interior was fantastic, a huge Tuscan kitchen, a cozy lounge, and the loft featured a spacious bedroom. The most stunning part of the property was the spectacular double shower carved out of a single piece of travertine. It felt like ancient Rome!

The property came with its own private swimming pool, a large Weber BBQ, and a wonderful pergola to enjoy evening meals. A perfect place to cook a few of Maggie’s chicken burgers.

The owner’s also lived on the property with their two children and two beautiful dogs named Alvin and Connie. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable of things to do in the region and gracious hosts to boot!

Tip: If you hear barking in the night… It’s not the local dogs, but the deer in the area. Also, keep an eye out for the Wild Boar, they really do not like playing with dogs!

Getting There

The best way to get here is by car. In fact, it really is the only way to enjoy the area. I would also suggest an SUV or something that’s good for driving off-road. There is a nice winding road up the mountain to reach the villa.