How to bring your dog to Switzerland

Before you visit…bring your dog to switzerland

Bringing your dog into Switzerland depends on which country you live in, however the rules are very similar to the EU. If you’re coming from a country where rabies is a problem, you’ll need to plan ahead, and your dog may require a blood test and microchip.
For detailed current regulations, see Pets to Switzerland
Check your nearest  Swiss Embassy or Consulate.

Rules for dogs in Switzerland:

Trains & Buses: You’ll need a half-fare second-class ticket for your well-behaved dog, regardless of whether you’re traveling first or second class. Small dogs in bags can travel for free. If your dog is a nuisance, the conductor can ask you to remove your dog or move it to the baggage car.

Walking around: In the cities dogs are required to be on a lease. All over Switzerland you need to pick up after your dog. However there are many free plastic bag dispensers to keep you supplied.

Hotels: – Most hotels take dogs and fees vary from free to charging a fee (usually between 10 CHF to 35 CHF) per night. However double-check due to there are some hotels that do not take dogs.

Restaurants: – Most Swiss restaurants will let you bring in a well-behaved pet. Inside and Outside.

Shopping: Your dog is welcome in markets and shops, however the large grocery stores will make you keep your dog outside.

FYI… In Switzerland, pets (haustier or animal domestique) are defined as animals that are kept for the animal’s sake or for companionship.

Bring your dog to Switzerland and enjoy the beautiful landscape. There are wonderful trails, hikes and lakes that your dog will just love exploring.

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