Breeds That Make The Best Guard Dogs

best guard dogs

Dogs are cute, cuddly and make great four-legged friends. It’s nice to have a dog in your home as they act as a lovely companion when you’re feeling lonely. However, certain dogs can switch from being ‘lovely’ to ‘scary’ if somebody decides to disturb your home.

Dogs make great deterrents for intruders – however, of course, not all dog breeds would make very good guards. As snappy as Chihuahuas may be, their size may let them down a little.

As reliable as high-tech security systems are, with a dog you are getting a friend and a security guard. Here is my guide to the dog breeds that make the best guard dogs for your home.


bulmastiff for a guard dog


Although not the tallest of dogs, Bullmastiffs are full of muscle and have great strength. They are a great breed for training as they understand commands, are easy to groom and makes his presence known immediately.

Wolf Shepherd

A Wolf Shepherd is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Wolf – I’m sure you can imagine from this combination that they are pretty intimidating-looking dog. They have unbelievable jaw-strength and they have wild innate instinct to not let go when they get their teeth on something. Make a special spot for him near a door and window and his look alone is enough to scare anybody away.

Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dogue de Bordeaux

Otherwise known as French Mastiffs, these are also a very intimidating-looking dog. In fact, if looks could kill, this dog wouldn’t be allowed out of the house. Dogue de Bordeaux are strong, powerful and fierce, even when playing. Don’t let the slobber and drool fool you.


Nothing gets past Boxer dogs, they are extremely alert and have a very strong stance. Not only this, but they are extremely loyal to their owners, meaning they would be more than happy to scare away an intruder.


English: A German Shepherd waiting for someone...

German Shepherd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Otherwise known as German Shepherds, these dogs have extremely thick fur that protects them against extremely cold weather – It has been rumoured in folklore that their fur can block a bullet. These dogs protect by using their command and instinct.


Rottweilers get a bit of a bad rep as being big, mean, scary and vicious – they are only like this if they are trained to be like this. If Rottweilers are denied their basic needs, they will turn aggressive from instinct. If trained properly, they have high levels of confidence, strong jaws and incredible fear.

Breeds like this Doberman were specifically br...

Doberman were specifically bred for guard duty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doberman Pinschers

There is no dog more loyal to its owner than this breed. Let’s hope any potential intruders can fly, because the Doberman Pinschers WILL get them.


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